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Home Staging 101: Quick Ceramic Tile Bathroom Makeovers

The bathroom is one the busiest rooms in any home, but it does not have to be the least attractive. Even if a full bathroom remodel is a little out of your budget right now there are several ways you can use good old, relatively inexpensive ceramic tile to give your dowdy bathroom an instant facelift.

This concept is one that is well worth considering if you are staging your Waterloo Region home for sale as well. No one really wants to invest a great deal of money into a home they are planning to sell, but as the bathroom is such an essential part of any home it’s one of the spaces buyers tend to pay the most attention to (and be most critical of.)

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Showers – Older tiled showers that have seen better days can be easily updated just by replacing the old worn out ceramic tile with something new and vibrant. If you opt for one of the new ceramic tile types that are specially designed to repel water and grime you will spend a lot less time breaking your back scrubbing a scummy shower as well. You may, however, want to consult with a professional about the best way to remove your old shower tiles first though, to ensure that your new ones will look the very best they can.

Sink Areas – Another great way to utilize ceramic tile in the bathroom is to have them installed on old, boring countertops to give them a new lease on life. There are a lot of great design choices available in ceramic tile designed for bathrooms these days and if you also have a great new sink bowl installed it will almost feel like you have a whole new bathroom.

Walls – Why not replace those hard to clean painted walls with ceramic tile? They won’t fade, get grimy and are a breeze to wipe clean. While some people choose to tile all their bathroom walls if that sounds a little overpowering to you why not just have a great ceramic backsplash installed instead?

Floors – Ceramic tile is, of course, one of the very best choices for bathroom flooring. Choosing ceramic tiling for your bathroom flooring means that hundreds of color and design options open up to you, allowing you to really express your creativity.

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