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Home Staging 101: Simple Storage Staging Tips for Small Bathrooms

Not every home has a huge bathroom and not everyone has the spare square footage, acreage or money to extend it, so many a home owner simply has to live with the fact that their bathroom space is a little cramped. As, however, the bathroom is one of the spaces within a home that potential buyers scrutinize hardest a little staging is even called for there before a home is put on the market.

A smaller bathroom may very well not be a big issue with buyers as long as they feel it can be functional. And while you can tweak some of the fittings and fixtures (a smaller bath, a neater sink) storage is often one of the biggest challenges if you do have a small bathroom. There are solutions to this problem though and if you stage your space just right and have them in place while the home is being shown storage concerns – always paramount in homebuyer’s minds – should not be too much of an issue. Here are just a few simple ideas

Mirrored Storage – Having a mirror over a bathroom sink is a must, but in a smaller bathroom you can make that mirror do double duty by installing a deep, mirrored cabinet.

Lose the Towel Racks – Towel racks tend to look cluttered in any busy bathroom and clutter always makes a small space look even smaller. One great alternative is to re-purpose a coat rack – the kind your Gran has in her hallway – and use it to hang all the family’s towels in a neater, stylish and space saving way.

Make Use of Wall Space – Now that the towel racks in your small bathroom are gone you can start to make better use of free wall space. After installing two stylish hooks securely on the wall hang a sturdy basket of them and fill it with all the bathroom “stuff” that everyone finds essential to have at hand.

Over the Toilet Storage – In very small bathrooms over the toilet storage can make a huge difference to both the look and the function of the space. There are a great many options to choose from, many of which can be found right at your local home store and these storage solutions are usually very affordable as well.

Get Creative – Remember that Lazy Susan that has been gathering dust in your kitchen cabinet for a decade? Drag it out and give it a new life as a medicine organizer. Or how about adding one of those very slender shelving units – the kind designed to hold CDs and DVDs to your bathroom set to store all those little bits and pieces that clutter up everyone’s bathroom?



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