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Home Staging: 3 Mistakes Not to Make When Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

Getting a home ready to put on the market for sale does take work. For it to appeal to the most buyers – and to sell for the price you’d like – even the smaller details can make a big difference. Like your carpet. If you have carpeting in your home it MUST be clean. Buyers are eagle eyed folk and stained, grimy carpet is, for most people, an immediate turnoff. Therefore, hiring a carpet cleaner to come in while you are staging your home for sale is also a must.

As you might imagine there are a lot of different carpet cleaning companies out there vying for your business. So many in fact that making a choice between them can seem like a very daunting task. Making the wrong choice can be an expensive and frustrating mistake so giving the matter more than a little thought is a must. The last thing you need when getting ready to sell your home is damaged carpet, or mould spots forming because a carpt was left wet for too long, both of which are, sadly, not uncommon when using a less than reputable carpet cleaning service.

Here are the three  most common mistakes people make when choosing a carpet cleaning company that are to be avoided at all costs:

Making a Choice Based on Price Alone – You see an ad in the newspaper that sounds too good to be true – $9.99 per room carpet cleaning! And that is where your search ends, you will obviously be getting a great deal, that’s cheaper than renting a machine at the store!

The problem is that the amazing price is just a way to get you on the phone or for a salesperson to get their foot in the door (sometimes even literally) No reputable, professional carpet cleaning service can afford to offer their full services for $9.99 a room. A couple of cowboys with a rental machine maybe but not a real pro.

These low prices quickly add up when the carpet cleaning company begins “explaining” all the extra services you are going to need to get properly cleaned carpets and then at that point the true costs are revealed and they are all too often a real shock to a homeowner who thought they were going to pay $40 to get a houseful of carpets cleaned!

Making a Choice Based on Equipment Alone – You have done a bit of research online and you think you know just what the very best carpet cleaning equipment is and the first company you come across has it all, so they are the perfect choice right? Not always. Even if a carpet cleaning company has every gadget and latest piece of technology in the world if they do not actually have personnel who are trained how to use it properly then it is useless. In addition, certain carpet types call for special treatment, and only an experienced company knows what they may be.

Making a Choice Based on First Impressions – Some companies in every industry just love flash. Flashy ads, flashy websites and splashy promotions are their trademark. Some of these companies are indeed great but look are not always everything. First of all in order to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable carpet cleaning company they should be easy to contact. Email forms are nice and convenient but its best if you can speak to a real live human being to discuss your needs right away rather than waiting for someone to answer an email three days later. And always get a solid quote. There may be a few extras added after service, for, example if a carpet is particularly stained, but any good company will have no problem giving you a written estimate.



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