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Home Staging Tips: Opening Up a Small Bedroom with Color

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a huge master bedroom with walk in closets in en suite bathrooms and some of us are actually stuck with a bedroom that is really rather small. Sleeping in a smaller space can be rather claustrophobic and it can certainly be a bit of a sticking point when it comes time to sell your home.

All is not lost though. Making some clever choices with color can actually be very effective as a way to ‘open up’ a small bedroom and fool the eye – and potential buyers – into thinking that the space is considerably larger than it actually is!

Here are some bedroom color ideas that really will help you make the most of what little sleeping space you do have as a part of the overall home staging process.

Earth Tones

Technically the term earth tones refers to any color that you would typically find in nature. In this instance though, in interior designer ‘lingo’ the term refers to muted tones of brown, beige, green, yellow and orange.

At first that may sound like using such colors in a small bedroom would darken it instead of make it feel more light and airy but if you choose the lightest of these tones in shades like sand, sage or a very light mocha can add warmth without making a room feel closed in or claustrophobic and in terms of staging neutrals like this always appeal to buyers!

Off Whites

Many people think that if they head off to the local home store, pick up a few cans of bright white paint and slap it on the walls they will instantly make a bedroom look bigger. To a certain extent this is true, but it will also make the room look cold, sterile and in small bedroom can start to feel a little like a prison cell if it is too bright and white.

Off whites are a great compromise and a visit to any paint store will give you all kinds of bedroom color ideas as there are so many different off white shades available. Remember to use some color in the rest of the room though – the bedding, the furniture, because all white, even all-off white is also pretty boring.

Serene Colors

Certain colors are said to promote relaxation and a feeling of calm. Often this means blues and greens but you do have to be very careful when using these colors in a small bedroom.

If a blue of green shade is even a little too dark it closes in the room and will often make a small space look and feel even smaller, something that is unlikely to make you feel very relaxed at all! Sky blues are often a choice some people consider but they can also be rather childish and in a small bedroom that belongs to an adult a pale china blue is often a far better choice.

Whatever colors you choose for your small bedroom there are a few other tricks you should employ to help the space look larger. Clutter should be kept to a minimum and unfortunately a small bedroom does need to be kept far more organized than a larger space to prevent it from turning into a pit!


If you are lucky enough to have a small bedroom that gets a lot of natural light you should play that up as much as possible. If not then a layered lighting system, with a combination of task lighting, for reading, grooming etc, and soft ambient lighting will be much better than simply relying on one central light fixture that once again can make a small bedroom feel more like a prison cell than a place to relax and unwind!

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