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Home Staging Tips: Weekend Projects to Brighten Up a Boring Bathroom

Is a rather boring bathroom letting down the overall look of your soon to go on sale home? The idea of a bathroom remodel is nice but if a full refit is hardly something you want to undertake if you are trying to sell up and move on!

However, if the bathroom is basically fine, but would just benefit for a few tweaks here and there to add some extra touches and design elements that will pique a buyer’s interest, this is something you may be able to pull off yourself over the course of a weekend. Here are a few ideas that you can have finished by Monday morning that will not cost you a fortune:

Give Your Bath a Facelift

If your bath has seen better days it is perfectly possible to paint it to bring it back to beautiful. Bath paint – special paint made with porcelain – can be found at any local home store. If you are in a more adventurous mood instead of just touching up the bath’s cracks and scratches you could change the colour altogether, which will transform the whole look of your bath in just a few hours.

One word of warning though – the paint will need at least 24 hours to dry, so make sure everyone’s had a bath before you begin!

Change the Hardware

Little things really do make a big difference. Another way to add immediate new style to your bathroom is by simply changing the knobs and handles on your bathroom cupboards and closets. This might sound like a tiny and insignificant detail, but once done you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much of a difference to the overall look it can make.

Create a Magic Mirror

If you are up for a slightly bigger DIY challenge, you can consider creating a mosaic mirror that will really add a shot of interest – and colour – to any bathroom. You can purchase tiny mosaic tiles at most home stores and they come in lots of  different colours and patterns. Usually they come in sheets with a sticky paper backing.

To create your mosaic mirror, separate the mosaic tiles from their backing by soaking them in water. Once that is done, start at the bottom edge of the mirror and using clear caulk or a tile adhesive glue the mosaic tiles directly onto the mirror surface. If you take the time to butt the tiles together you will even eliminate the need for grout. You can then be as creative as you like! Its a nice little DIY project and done right will look amazing. It is also a look you can add anywhere in your home.

Add Texture to your Walls

You can add interest, texture and interest to boring bathroom walls with easy to install beaded panel boards. Sold in sheets, this inexpensive stuff is hard to tell apart from real beadboard and it creates a look that is timelessly elegant and can also be used to cover up cracks and stains in the walls in a pinch too.

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