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Homebuyer’s Tips: Working with Long Distance Movers

Moving long distance is a rather different prospect to just moving across town. Any move can be difficult but if you are moving a long way then the situation can become even more complicated. Hiring the right long distance movers is one of the biggest keys to a successful long distance move but even the very best long distance moving company cannot do everything for you and you do have to be ready to do some work! To give you an idea of just what you will have to do here is a basic long distance moving checklist that it might be useful to keep in mind as you plan for a big move:

Don’t Move What You Don’t Need

A long distance move is not the cheapest undertaking in the world and moving things that you really do not need makes no sense, practically or financially. Any move is a great time to take stock of the family’s stuff and take a realistic look at what you really don’t use. This should be done well in advance of your move if possible as this will give you time to sell or donate items that still have use and value in them and to arrange for the proper removal of those that do not.

Choose Your Movers Carefully

After you have decided what is and what is not making the move with you it is time to start researching long distance movers. There is more to choosing the right one though than just picking the top name off a Google search.

When choosing long distance movers you need to research the companies you are considering, make sure that you understand exactly what services they do and do not offer and perhaps most importantly you need to do everything you can to check that the stellar reputation they claim to have is real and not just some great PR work! Sites like Yelp! can be of a big help, but word of mouth recommendations from family, friends and colleagues are very useful as well.

Time the Shut Off and Turn On of Utilities Right

The one mistake that some homeowners make when embarking on a long distance move is having their utilities shut off too soon. Ideally your electricity and phone still need to be on in the old place on moving day and of course you also need to make sure that at least the power is on at your new place when you, the long distance movers and all of your stuff arrive!

Take a Cell Phone or Two 

Most people have cell phones these days but if you do not making a long distance move is certainly one of those times when having one will make a huge difference. Even if you are normally not a cell phone fan (and there are plenty of people who are not) investing in an inexpensive prepaid cell phone, even if you never use it again, is a wise move. And keeping it charged is a must.

That is because the one thing you do need to make sure you do is remember to give your cell phone number to the long distance movers you are using. Even if everything goes very smoothly and according to plan – which it hopefully will – there may be a number of reasons why the movers need to contact you while everyone is on the road, especially when it comes to coordinating the arrival at your new home.

With the right amount of planning and a great long distance moving company on your side a big move does not have to be a nightmare. Preparation is the key and if you are well prepared then everything should fall into place, allowing you to enjoy your new home.



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