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Hot Waterloo Region Home Seller Tips: Conquering Bathroom Odors the Easy Way

In the somewhat damp and often rather confined space of the average bathroom, even one with a good extractor fan, bathroom odors can become rather overpowering (and unpleasant) rather quickly. And if you are trying to sell your Waterloo Region home, as insignificant as it may seem at first, a ‘smelly’ bathroom can be a real turn off for potential home buyers viewing your property for the first time.

There are more causes of bathroom odors than you may think, so it often takes more than a squirt or two of a strong air freshener to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. Here are a few tips:

Treat Your Towels Better

If you and your family are in the habit of taking a wet towel and hanging it on the towel rack to dry next to another wet towel chances are that that habit is leading to at least some degree of bathroom outdoor. Damp towels get very musty very quickly, especially in the humid conditions that exist in most bathrooms and that smell can linger for a long time.

To solve the smelly towel problem replace your old towel racks with wider ones that will allow each towel the space it needs to dry out properly. In addition

Check for Leaks

Is there a strange lingering smell in your bathroom that you really can’t identify? Check for leaks. Water slowly dripping from a leaky pipe into a bathroom cabinet or behind the toilet where people rarely look could be the cause as the water slowly damages the flooring and allows mold to grow. And as even the smallest leaks can eventually lead to serious water damage not only will you be troubleshooting your odor issue but you may also be saving yourself a lot of heartache in terms of emergency repair and potential deal breaking issues further down the line.

Add a Permanent Scent

There may be times when an extra burst of air freshener is called for in the bathroom, especially if you are expecting a potential buyer inspection, but you should also try to keep a constant source of light scent in the room as well.

A bowl full of an attractive pot potpourri can do the trick very nicely or, if you can spare the socket one of those electric oil warmers that disperse a light, but ever-present aroma. For extra visual interest as well as a boost of scent during actual home viewings scented candles can work wonders as well.

Deal with a Stinky Shower Curtain

Sometimes a bathroom can look like the cleanest place in the house, until you take a look at the inside corners of the shower curtain. Shower curtains, fabric ones especially, are a favorite breeding ground for all kinds of nasty molds and mildew. To try to prevent this after you shower, pull the shower curtain only partially closed. This will let air circulate within the folds, allowing the curtain to dry faster.



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