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Hot Waterloo Region Home Staging Tips: Window Treatments that Impress

When it comes to staging a Waterloo Region home for sale even the seemingly unimportant details really do matter. Like window treatments. You may not even have planned to leave any in place once the home sells but while it’s being shown they are a very important part of staging and decor.

Have your blinds definitely seen better days? Or are your drapes looking more than a little bit drab? Then it is probably time to think about doing a little bit of shopping and splurging – but not a lot – on some new window treatments that will impress buyers more than you might think.

Some people are surprised by just how much a new set of window treatments can change the entire look, and even the mood, of a room. With that firmly in mind, here are some tips on how to choose the best window treatments for your space as well as some of the hottest trends that are all the rage in the glossy home decor magazines at the moment:

Getting the Colours Right

Colour really can communicate with the brain in some rather unique ways. In many homes these days, people are playing it safe and choosing to create a main colour palette for their rooms that is rather neutral. As neat as that may look, and a sensible move for home sellers, it can also be rather boring. Fortunately, your windows are the perfect place to inject some brighter colours that can add a little excitement to the space without you having to feel ‘married’ to the look.

The exact colours you choose will, to a great extent, change the mood of the room. If you would prefer that a certain space impart a relaxed, cool and laid back vibe, then blinds and drapes in watery hues such as a delicate light blue, aqua or a sea green are all great choices. If on the other hand, you want to add a real spark of energy and excitement, pink, red or orange would be better choices.

And by the way, have you ever wondered why so many interior design pros use yellow toned window treatments in the kitchen? It is because, colour experts say, yellow not only makes us all feel more energetic and cheerful but it also makes us feel hungrier too!

Make a Statement with Shades and Sheers

Very heavy drapes can make a room feel rather bloated and formal. Thicker curtains may still work in a more formal room like a dining room, but for most living spaces they are just a little bit too much.

Unless you and your family have some seriously exhibitionist tendencies though, you still need something to cover your windows and afford you a little privacy. One of the best ways to do this is to combine the light form and function of a great shade with the elegance and flow of sheer drapery panels.

For the best effect, stick to a relatively neutral shade color, but then match the color of the sheers to a dominant hue that is featured elsewhere in the room, the color of your couch perhaps. Not only will you get great looking windows but you also give the whole room an instant decor boost by highlighting its best features.

Go Roman

Roman blinds are fast replacing all other kinds of shades as the go to choice. Part of this is due to the fact that they are so simple and yet still versatile and elegant. It also has a lot to do with the basic fact that they are also so much easier to keep clean than those tricky Venetian blinds!

Add Some Hot Hardware

Today’s most stylish window treatments are about a lot more than just the style of the drapes and blinds, or even the colors and the fabrics. The hardware that keeps them in place is just as important as a design element as it is as a practical function. There are some amazing rail, hook and accessory choices out there right now, so take the time to shop for some really great ones to complete your new look in the highest possible style.

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