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How Does Your Paint Colour Choice Make the Room Feel?

There is possibly no easier way to totally transform any room in your home than giving it a coat of paint or two in a brand new colour. And whether you decide to go the do it yourself route or opt instead to hire a good professional to do it for you the colour choice is still always going to be left to you.

According to psychologists and colour experts when making that choice you should not just consider the purely visual aspect but the way it makes the space feel as well, as according to them, different colours can evoke very different moods.

This is an important consideration when living in your home, but may become even more important if you will be staging it for sale. Often people believe that when doing that every wall should be repainted white or beige, to depersonalize it. However, doing so also usually robs the home of much of its character, so finding a balance between neutrals and colours is often a better idea.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:


Depending upon the exact shade chosen blue can soothe and relax or calm and improve concentration. This makes it a great colour choice for bedrooms or home office spaces and as it is also considered a clean, airy colour for bathrooms and laundry rooms too.

Blue is also said to help suppress the appetite so may not be such a great choice for the kitchen or dining room – unless you are always on a diet.


Yellows can be hard to use to great effect. Yellow itself is said to raise the metabolism and people tend to lose their tempers more easily in a yellow room. Yellows – either the buttery soft lemon shades or the bright sunflower hues, tend to evoke more differing opinions than any other color and should be used sensibly and sparsely.


Greens, like blues, are considered calming colours but they can also help evoke a feeling of nature and balance. A softer shade of green like a sage can be a great choice for the living room, but bright greens can be hard to live with and may certainly be a little too much for many potential homebuyers tastes.


You will find a lot of restaurants painted red and apparently for good reason. Red is said to be the best colour to stimulate the appetite as well as to raise the excitement level. Few homes though could probably stand up to a completely red room but as an accent colour, it can work wonders.

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