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How to Choose the Right Decor Style for Your New Home

Moving into a new home – whether it is a large house or a small apartment – gives you, for the most part, the exciting chance to start from scratch when it comes to home decor and you have a blank canvas of sorts that you can work with to give your new home the look you really want.

However, looking at all of that empty space can be a bit daunting too. Once all of the previous owner’s belongings are gone a new home can look very different to its new occupants and you may even have to start your decor plan (you know you had one) again. But of all the different decor styles out there which should you choose? Here are some basic tips to help you decide:

Decorate According to Your Personality: Your home should be a reflection of your personality especially since if it is not it will be hard to ever make the place really feel like a home rather than just a house. For most people there is a certain decor style that really suits their personality. The romantic soul might be drawn to the idea of a delicate, pastel colored shabby chic style while a more practical person might prefer the practicality of a sparser, more contemporary style. It doesn’t matter what’s trendy right now, only that it suits your ‘vibe’.

Seek Out Inspiration: There area lot of places you can look to find inspiration that can help you choose the decor style that is best for you. Glossy magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, the shows on cable television that are devoted to home decor and even your friends and family members homes can all serve as great places to get home decorating ideas from.

Decorate According to Your Lifestyle: If you are a very busy person who is rarely ever home then opting for a complicated decor style that will require a lot maintenance (a lot of glass or tile that will need constant cleaning for instance) is probably not the best idea.

If yours is a new family home – in other words you have kids – it’s usually wise to decorate with them in mind too. That’s not meaning to say that you have to fill the place with Spongebob or princesses (except maybe in their bedrooms) but that you use a bit of common sense. Bright white walls with toddlers around? Not the best idea, unless you want to spend hours every week scrubbing them down. And the fancy furniture should probably wait until the kids are older too. Washable and spongable furnishings can be a parent’s best friend, so try to look for them instead.

In the end the way you decorate your home is a very personal decision, but the one great thing that it is well worth remembering is that whatever style you choose one thing is always going to be true – it is not hard to make a change if you decide that your surroundings just do not work for you anymore!

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