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How to Protect and Increase Your Waterloo Region Home's Value For Less

With a New Year not too far away, lots of us will be thinking about making New Year's Resolutions. Often these include improving our homes. For some, they may also involve resolving to sell their Waterloo Region home.

It's true that increasing your Waterloo Region home's worth via home improvements and upgrades can be costly, but it doesn't have to be. There are various home improvements that can enhance home value and make a major impact without breaking the bank, from embracing natural light inside your home to improving curb appeal.

This is great news for those hoping to sell their Waterloo Region home in the new year, as no-one wants to spend too much money on a home they are hoping to sell. It's also good news for those staying put, as a better looking home always feels like a nicer place to live.

Here is a look at some home improvement projects - many of them fairly simple to execute - that will not only boost the value of your property but will also provide you with new joy while living in it.

Add Value and Function to Your Home By Decluttering It

It happens to all of us: the once-empty storage closet is now full to bursting , and items that should have been put elsewhere have found new homes as a part of an increasing pile of ckutter. If this sounds like your home, now is an excellent time to start getting rid of the stuff you don't need.

One of the most cost-effective methods to raise the value of your property is to declutter. Pay special attention to your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as your living room, as these are frequently the most appealing features of a property.

To prevent building up an infinite mound of stuff, take this task room by room and don't move on until the space is finished. You can start by sorting your belongings into three different piles. One for stuff you want to keep, one for "maybes," and one for items to donate. Return to the "maybe" pile in a few days and make the final cuts.

As you begin to simplify, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Make decluttering your bathroom a top priority. Begin by cleaning your counters, then move on to your linen closet and medicine cabinets.

  • Organize your home office. Make sure to file or destroy old papers, clean up your desk, and use zip ties or cords to hide any unsightly cords.

  • Throughout your home, toss out any expired items. Items in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and medicine cabinet are all included in this task.

  • Remove any spare hangers from your wardrobe and give away or throw out any clothes or shoes you no longer require. This will make your closet appear larger and more orderly.

  • Review all those things in your basement, attic and/or storage cupboards. Do they really still have a reason to be in your home, or did you just put them there to get them out of the way? Be honest with yourself here: if you haven't used it in a year, the chances are good you don't really need it and it should either be donated to someone who has a use for it or thrown away.

If you're going to sell your Waterloo Region home soon, keep the following in mind as you declutter:

  • Keep in mind that your entryway creates the great initial impression you'll need it to. Make sure it's decluttered of personal items and has a welcoming but neutral vibe.

  • Make sure your kitchen counters are clear. Avoid storing random items in this area, and attempt to conceal all countertop appliances like your blender, toaster, and crockpot.

  • Depersonalize your living space. Items that are excessively personal, such as family photos, should be removed. It will help potential buyers if they can visualize themselves - and THEIR stuff in the room.

  • Remove visual clutter such as clothing laden hooks, fussy artwork, and personal photographs from hallways. Hallways that seem too cluttered can be a deal breaker.

  • To make the living area feel bigger, reduce the number of throw pillows, blankets, and decorations.

  • Arrange bookshelves and display cabinets to make them more functional. Remove the dust layer, trinkets, personal objects, storage bins, and tattered books, then arrange and style them.

  • Remember to clean out your refrigerator, freezer, and beneath the sinks as well.

  • Make sure to put away any children's or pet's toys. Try to keep the quantity of toys available to play with to a minimum while your house is on the market.

  • Create a laundry space where potential buyers can envision themselves doing laundry and (almost) loving it. Make sure your counters are clear, and your cleaning supplies are organized.

For one person, decluttering can be a monumental task. Working with a professional organizer might be the best option, and it can boost a home's asking price by up to 5%.

Deep Clean Your Home

The next stage is to deep clean your home after you've decluttered. That means wiping and dusting all surfaces, as well as mopping and vacuuming carpets and floors. Clean up your kitchen, shine up your bathroom, and tidy up your living room. A bad-smelling odor, in particular, can leave a lasting impression on potential home buyers and not in a good way. Pets, children, food, and other factors might cause your property to smell, deterring potential buyers.

Cleaning your house from top to bottom may be a time-consuming process, and let's face it, finding the time to do so can be difficult. Consider hiring a cleaning service; they're less likely to miss something that isn't on your cleaning checklist. They'll also be able to go into every nook and corner of your home to clean it up so you can boost the value of your home and sell it faster and for more money.

Paint, Paint and More Paint

It's critical for potential homebuyers to be able to envision themselves living in your home when you're selling it. Paint that is dull, dirty, chipped, or of poor quality may deter buyers and lower the perceived value of your home. Yes, they could repaint the property themselves if and when they buy it, and many may do so eventually, but most buyers are looking for a 'move-in ready' home that they can enjoy right away. A new coat of paint can be an easy way to give them the impression that your home for sale is just that.

Avoid using busy or bright colors since they draw attention away from the house itself.

Painting the interior of your home in a neutral hue costs a relatively small amount of money in comparison to what you'll gain in return, which is usually an increase in home value, more interested homebuyers, and preferably more competing offers.

Painting your home's exterior may be more expensive, but the increased curb appeal can help you sell it faster. Is it needed? Take a walk outside and take in the view. Are there any cracks or peeling on the surface? Is the color starting to fade? If you answered yes, it's time to repaint.

Consider hiring a professional painting firm to avoid using the wrong brush, purchasing low-quality paint, applying too much or too little paint or falling off a ladder!

Make Some Simple Improvements to Your Kitchen

Because the kitchen is usually the heart of anyone's home, it's simple to see why it's such a big selling point for buyers.

Repainting cabinets, adding a backsplash, and replacing outdated or unattractive hardware are all inexpensive and practical kitchen upgrades. If your appliances are old and energy efficient, consider replacing them.

Buyers, especially younger ones, are increasingly concerned about energy efficiency and a better fridge, stove or even thermostat will help them envision saving both money and hassle if they buy your home.

Whichever improvement you undertake in the heart of your home, it should enhance your personal pleasure of the space too. In fact, in their annual Remodeling Impact Report, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry rates improving your kitchen with a "joy score" of ten.

Let More Light In

More light can liven up a space, no matter what size it is . While a dimly illuminated room can appear small, dark, and claustrophobic, a brightly lit environment has the opposite effect. Proper lighting can help your home appear cleaner, more spacious, and, ultimately, more valuable.

Replace dim bulbs with warm-spectrum bulbs that are brighter. Consider installing recessed lighting in your home, which is currently one of the most 'valuable' home trends in lighting. You can even use an eye-catching light fixture, such as one in the foyer, to increase the perceived value of your home while also adding some subtle but effective decorative flair.

Pay Some Attention to Your Bathroom

For potential buyers, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms, and a few inexpensive changes may elevate it to the next level. Replace your sink faucet with a fashionable alternative, replace your showerhead, add granite or marble worktops to your bathroom vanity, or upgrade the lighting.

Head Outside and Get to Work There

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions count, and freshening up the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Imagine yourself in the buyer's position. Would you feel compelled to take a tour of a house that didn't appear to be well-kept from the outside?

Curb appeal may help you attract buyers, sell your property quicker, and raise the value of your home by up to 11%. Here are some simple, low-cost curb appeal ideas you can implement right away.

  • Your front door should be repainted or replaced if it looks like it has seen better days. With everyday use and inclement weather, front doors rapidly become worn and tired, but you may have been too busy to notice. Repainting or replacing your door is a simple and inexpensive way to improve its appearance.

  • Exterior lights should be updated. Consider changing up or adding to your external lighting to create a more attractive entryway if your walkway up to your front door is poorly lighted or your lights are old. You can also use lighting to highlight parts of your landscaping work, such as trees and plants. The possibilities are unlimited, with post lights, LED lights, solar lights, and wall mounts among them.

  • Replace your old fence with a new one. Worn fences detract from the value of your home by drawing attention away from it. By enhancing the greenery, maintaining privacy and security, and raising property value, replacing your present fence with a new one can give your yard the boost it needs. You have a variety of materials to pick from, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and composite.

  • Engage the services of a professional landscaper. To appeal to buyers and boost the value of your house, choose a low-maintenance, clean-cut landscape design. Any landscape can be improved by edging the beds, mulching the garden, and cutting the trees and bushes. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to improve your curb appeal and create a welcoming front yard for potential buyers.

  • Cleaning the windows and siding is a must. It doesn't take long for a layer of dust, dirt, or even algae to grow on your house and windows, making your home appear dull and poorly maintained. To minimize paint stripping, splinters, and mold and mildew issues, hire a professional to clean your home's windows on a regular basis.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Even the tiniest changes can make a significant difference in the appearance of your Waterloo Region home. Check out these easy, low-cost upgrades that can boost your home's value and/or your enjoyment of living in it:

  • Update knobs on kitchen cabinets and doors

  • Fix loose wires and leaky faucets

  • Add attic insulation

  • Wrap up all those half finished home projects and little repairs

  • Replace faceplates and wall switches

  • Refinish your hardwood floors

  • Regrout floor and shower tile

Thinking of selling your Waterloo Region home in the near future? Let Team Pinto use their huge local real estate experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.



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