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Infographic: 5 Things Millennials Want When Buying a Home

The millennial generation has emerged as a dominant force in the housing market. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association 2016 study of generational housing trends, Millennials (or Generation Y) — those born between 1980 and 2000 — comprise the largest segment of the buyer market (35%), ahead of Generation X (26%), which covers those born between 1965 and 1979.

Together, these two generations represent today’s younger buyers, and they tend to fall into one of two broad categories the report found. They’re young professionals who prefer a turnkey home that needs little or no work or they’re creative/romantic buyers who want to invest sweat equity and money over time to put their personal stamp on the property and add value for the future.

But while these two groups may seem like they want entirely different things from a home, younger buyers, in general, seem to have a lot of the same “must-have” features on their lists. Here are five of the most common.

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