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Is Your Waterloo Region Home For Sale Pet-Friendly?

Did you know that there are more than 8.2 million dogs living as pets in Canada? And 8.3 million cats? Pet ownership is becoming more popular too, especially when it comes to dogs. Since 2016 there has been a significant increase in the number of households with at least one dog, especially among Gen X and Millennial households.

That number has increased significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic too, as people welcomed pets into their live

One of the many benefits of owning your own Waterloo home is the freedom to find your ‘furever’ friend. By pointing out the aspects of your home that make it ‘pet-friendly’ in your listing, you’ll attract these buyers, rather than alienating the 59% of Canadian households that have a pet!

If you are a homeowner looking to list your home for sale, how do you stand out to the millions of pet parents searching for their dream home?

Whether a dog person, a cat person, or someone who prefers the company of another pet species, 99% of pet owners say that they consider their animal to be a part of their family. When finding a home, 95% of animal owners believe it is important that the home they choose is as suitable for their ‘fur-kids’ as it is for them.

Therefore, it’s important that a seller understands the unique needs and wants of animal owners when it comes to homeownership.

The Power of Pets When Choosing the Right Home

According to research by the Canadian Animal Health Institute:

  1. 89% of pet owners say they would not give up their pet due to a housing restriction

  2. 81% of owners say their pets play a role in their housing situation

  3. 31% of animal owners have refused to put in an offer on a home because it wasn’t a good fit for their animals

  4. 19% of Canadians say they would consider moving for their pet

  5. 12% percent have moved for their pet

  6. New home builders have actually begun installing retractable pet gates that tuck away neatly inside door jams as a highly requested feature in new homes to attract pet-parents.

So, if you are a homeowner looking to sell in today’s pet-friendly environment, you may be able to gain attention for your home by pointing out the features of your home that will attract pet owners:

  1. Fully fenced-in backyard–(91% of pet owners ranked this as the most important feature of a home to accommodate their pet)

  2. Locations of dog parks/walking paths/pet-friendly beaches in the area (71% ranked this as the top feature of any neighborhood they would consider)

  3. Proximity to veterinarians/groomers/pet supply stores (31%)

The good news is that for Waterloo Region sellers our area is quite pet friendly. There are a number of great dog parks, lots of green space, dog friendly hiking trails and a good supply of vet services and pet stores. Making sure that your real estate agent points these out to pet owners is therefore something well worth considering.

Bottom Line

Canadians love their pets and will look for pet-friendly features in the home they wish to buy, so take advantage of this knowledge by pointing out your home’s ability to meet their needs.


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