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Let There Be Light – Brighten Up a Dull, Dark Space with Ease

The end of Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and that’s not only a sign that winter really is coming but also a little depressing as everything seems to get so dark so suddenly. And often that include certain spaces in your home.

Dark corners are not the best look in a home at any time, but that is especially true if you are trying to showcase it at its best to sell it. And while in most cases it’s not possible to add an extra window or two to let more light in, there are some decor tricks you can make use of to make it look like you did. Here are some of the best of them.

Paint it White

Or bright at least. In scientific terms, colors and values are simply the result of the light that reaches the eye after it bounces off objects. And the great thing about white and similar light colors is that they reflect most of the light that hits them, creating an illusion of greater light. A great example? The moon.

Painting a space with lighter colours has much the same effect and so can be a great way to quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively add light to almost any space. If you want to add more personality, try making use of several shades of white or opting for a cream or taupe shade as well/instead.

Make Good Use of Contrasts

A kitchen that boasts white walls, cabinets and countertops will be about as bright as it gets, but it will also be pretty boring. To keep things visually interesting make use of the power of contrast by adding accessories, textiles and even cookware in a bright colour that will then pop against all of that white.

Consider Adding Skylights or Suntubes

Adding another window may be too much of an undertaking but suntubes and skylights can be far easier and cheaper to add. A suntube can be particularly effective when added to a dark bathroom and you might be surprised by just how much even a single one can change a rather depressing little space – as many guest bathrooms are – into something rather special.

Control the Glare

Sometimes the problem with a room’s lighting scheme isn’t the amount of light it receives, but rather the quality. Overhead lights can brighten up a room considerably, but the effect is often as harsh as high-noon sunlight.

Instead, you really need the diffuse, indirect light of early morning. Place lights near the walls, and add simple LED strips under cabinets to cover the wall in a soft glow. Be sure to include task lighting wherever it’s needed most, such as the home office or wherever you need to read and work.

Change Up Your Window Treatments

If your drapes or blinds cover up too much of the window and block natural light, they need to be replaced with an option that is less obstructive. There are, as you’ll find out in a single trip to the local home store, all kinds of great semi sheer window treatments that will let in more light without sacrificing too much of your privacy.

Take a Look Outside

The reason your room is too dark is often nothing to do with it at all, it’s down to what is going on outside.

Overhanging trees and overgrown shrubs can all too easily block natural light, which will not only make it a little too dark but can make the space colder too. Once you have them neatened up, it can often make a huge difference with just a single visit from a landscaper.



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