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Lightning Fast Bathroom Fixes that Can be Implemented Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

If you haven’t quite realized it yet we hate to break it to you but the holidays are literally right around the corner. And for many of us the holidays means an influx of visitors to our homes, visitors who will probably need to make use of the bathroom. Which isn’t looking so great right now. Sure you meant to get around to doing something about it. In fact, in the new year you are going to look into getting a bathroom remodel of some kind. But you don’t have time for that right now..

Before you panic too much there are some fast decor fixes you can make that will help improve the look of even the nastiest and most outdated bathroom spaces that should see you through the busy holiday season and up until you can make that call to a great bathroom renovation specialist when all the fuss has died down:

Go on a De-cluttering Mission

Sometimes just a really good tidy up can make a huge difference to the look – and the function – of a bathroom, especially if it is a smaller one. head to the bathroom with a big black garbage bag and get ruthless. Get rid of all of those half bottles of shampoo, conditioner bottles with a teaspoon’s worth of product left in them, all the stuff that most of us have a nasty habit of hoarding. And actually get rid of what you don’t need rather than shoving it in the cabinet under the sink.

Add Some New Accessories

New flooring might have to wait a while but a new bathroom mat and rug set is a few minutes away at your local home improvement store. While you are there pick up some new towels that match them too. Its a small change but one that can have a bigger impact than you might imagine. And take a look at that shower curtain too, to see if a new one of those should be added to the shopping list as well.

Add a Better Mirror

For many of us the only mirror we have in the bathroom is the generic one that is attached to a bathroom cabinet. While that may suffice for daily use it is not exactly very exciting. To add some visual interest swipe a nicer mirror from another room in your home or do a quick check of the local second hand store for an interesting and attractive find like the mirror pictured here. We promise, its quite astonishing just how much a new mirror can do to improve the whole space in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Make Great Use of Wall Decals

No time to paint or wallpaper a dingy wall right now? Wall decals are wonderful things in this situation. They are not permanent, they are very inexpensive and they can transform an entire space in seconds and when you are ready to make that permanent decor change they can be removed in minutes and won’t leave a trace.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.



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