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Little Details to Watch When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodelling remains the number one home improvement project planned by homeowners for 2018, and such projects when properly executed, still offer a great return on your investment when and if the time comes to sell your Waterloo region home.

In planning a kitchen remodel though there are some seemingly very small details that can be forgotten that if overlooked could make quite a big difference to the overall end result in terms of both form and function. With that in mind, if any kind of kitchen renovation is on the cards for you sometime in the future review your design plan to make sure it has covered the following issues:

Have You Set the Mood?

As they become bogged down with counter and flooring options and choosing new appliances some homeowners forget that a kitchen’s decor style is as important as it is in any other space and the space does need an overall ‘mood’ to be set.

Are you going for light and bright or slightly sultry and moody? What are you trying to achieve with your decor? Whites and greys will open a small kitchen space right up while bright colours will make quite a statement and are very popular in inner-city living.

Little Tweaks for Better Function

Many kitchens have become far more than food prep stations and as the formal dining room falls out of favour many kitchens now feature a casual dining area as well. If such a thing is planned in your kitchen have you given a thought to how the space will actually function when completed?

For example, no cook can really sit still and enjoy a meal while also staring across the room at a pile of dirty dishes. To allow people to dine in peace before they have to begin to clean up a small raised barrier at the end of the bench closest to the dining area can be used separate the active kitchen area and the social zone, hiding any mess until the meal is over and it’s time to clean up.

Also, as it is such a busy place have you planned enough electrical outlets? Have you included a phone jack? Will wi-fi be available in your new kitchen space? As more and more kitchens are called upon to serve many purposes, including a social centre and even a homework station, such things can make a big difference.

Will Your Design Stand the Test of Time?

Kitchen design experts recommend that any kitchen remodel have a ‘lifespan’ of at least 15-20 years. While following the latest design trends may seem like a good idea will your overall design stand the test of time? Not every trendy kitchen design is up to that demand, ask anyone who has ever been stuck with a lime green and orange Formica filled kitchen from the Seventies!



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