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Low to No Cost Ways to Spruce Up the Bathroom in Your Home for Sale

Although remodeling the bathroom is the second most popular home improvement project homeowners undertake worldwide (the first being redoing the kitchen) a full scale bathroom remodel is far from the cheapest thing in the world and therefore something that anyone planning on putting up their home for sale as soon as possible would want to even consider.

But what if your bathroom is not quite up to scratch? the bathroom is an important space in the mind of any homebuyer (again, usually right up there just behind the kitchen) so a dreadful looking may very well put them off right away no matter how nice the rest of the home may be. And a boring one won’t help much either.

The good news is though that there are some things you can do though that are relatively easy and inexpensive that can help liven up your bathroom and perhaps make it a little more functional at the same time that can be implemented quickly and easily and can actually make use of things that you can probably ‘borrow’ from rooms in the rest of the house. Here are just a few ideas:

Add a Grander Mirror – A mirror in the bathroom is a must but you do not always have to settle for the one on the front of a generic bathroom cabinet. Instead swipe a grander mirror from another room or check the local second hand stores for interesting and attractive finds like the one pictured here. You’ll be quite amazed by just how much of a difference a new mirror can make to the whole space.

Make Great Use of Wall Decals – Wall decals are wonderful things. They are not permanent, they are very inexpensive and they can transform an entire space in just a matter of minutes and you can even rinse and repeat the process with a new choice a few weeks later if you are ready for a change again.

Add a Table Lamp – There is no decor rule that says that every piece of lighting in your bathroom has to come from the bathroom lighting section at your local home store. Borrow an elegant table lamp from downstairs and not only can you shed a bit more light on your bathroom activities but you can add an instant touch of elegance and charm as well.

Add a More Dramatic Shower Curtain – Consign your current plastic shower curtain to dropcloth status and replace it with an elegant fabric version instead for an instant touch of extra visual drama that will be sure to impress.

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