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Modern Window Treatment Trends; What Suits Your Style?

Whether or not the window treatments in a home are a part of the deal when buying a Waterloo Region home is an issue to be decided between buyer and seller. Whether they are or not though, they are an important part of the home staging process in many cases, as, although such things are rarely top of mind for sellers – they are usually more concerned with the larger details – they are certainly noticed by potential home buyers as window treatments do tend to have a considerable impact on the look and feel of a room overall.

When it comes to choosing window treatments – either as a part of home staging, to ‘dress up’ the bare windows in a new home, or simply as a way to make a decor tweak – there are a great many options out there. So many in fact what seems like a relatively straightforward shopping trip can become rather confusing and overwhelming.

As is the case for so many aspects of home decor window treatment fashions tend to change a lot as well. Although there are so many different styles available the current trend is towards clean lines and a more contemporary feel Here is a look at some of our favourites from among these newer options.

Modern Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are not dead, although some may tell you that, they are simply rather different from the clunky paper versions of the past. Modern verticals look lighter but thanks to textile innovations are actually far more durable and can offer energy innovations like room-darkening and light-filtering liners as well. They are a great choice for a larger living room and, as an added bonus, are much easier to clean than their older peers as well.

Grommet-Style Panels

In the trend toward all things tailored and unfussy, panels hung by grommets enjoy wide appeal, and that appeal now goes far beyond the bathroom. With the right tools, they’re relatively easy for a DIYer to construct and even easier to hang. Since they aren’t typically as full as most other drapery styles, they also make use of less fabric, which increases their affordability.

Sheer Shades

Sheers will always be popular, but not everybody wants the flowy coastal-cottage look. For those who covet gauzy fabric for its lightness but prefer a window dressing that’s more sensible and solid than sweet, sheer shades will do the trick.

Smart Technology

Perhaps nothing says “updated” like technology in the home. Motorized window treatments for both interior and exterior use are a fast becoming a must-have in today’s smart homes. And as time-saving automation becomes more common via fingerprint door locks, Nest thermostats and programmable light switches, a new wave of tech companies are researching ever more innovative ways to coordinate whole-house automation solutions across multiple platforms and providers.

For now, all it takes is often just a cell phone with the right app and a 20 to 25 percent bigger budget over traditional non-motorized treatments to add self drawing draperies to your home and as they come in an ever increasing number of styles their design versatility is expanding as well.

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