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Monday Waterloo Region Round Up – New Airline Coming to YKF, the Northern Lights Over Waterloo

New Airline Coming to Region of Waterloo International Airport 

A new airline offering ultra low cost flights to points across Canada and the US,  Canada Jetlines, plans to make use of the Region of Waterloo International Airport and Hamilton’s John C. Munro International Airport as its hubs in eastern Canada. Read More 

Life-Saving Software Developed at University of Waterloo May Help Curtail Texting and Driving 

Engineering researchers and students at the University of Waterloo have developed a potentially life-saving software that will detect when a driver is dangerously distracted by texting, or making other uses of their cellphone and alerting them immediately to the danger. Read More 

Look: Stunning Shots of the Northern Lights Over the Waterloo Region 

The stunning Northern lights made an appearance in the skies over the Waterloo region on Thursday night last week. While many may have seen the unexpected spectacle few were quick enough with their cameras to document it properly. Local photographer Della VanDokkumburg-Stroobosscher was an exception, and the shots she got, almost by chance, are truly stunning. Read More

Waterloo Made Drones Head Off to Help Hurricane Irma Victims 

The devastation left behind by Hurricane Irma on the tiny island of St. Maarten is a daunting sight, but help is on the way from many quarters, including from state of the art drones created by Waterloo’s own Aeryon Labs. Read More



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