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Monday Waterloo Region Roundup – ‘Classic Canadian Winter’ Predicted, Conestoga St

 Conestoga College Students Finally Headed Back to School

After the provincial government stepped in to end a five week strike by faculty, students at  Conestoga College will finally be headed back into their classrooms on Tuesday morning. Read More

New Grand River Footbridge Opening for Christmas 

A new bridge that spans the Grand River in Cambridge will be opening to the public for the first time just in time for Christmas, illuminated as part of the upcoming Unsilent Night Celebrations. Read More 

Weathermen Warn of Very Snowy ‘Classic Canadian’ Winter 

Local weathermen – and women – are warning that the Waterloo Region is in for a very snowy winter this year, or, as one puts it ‘ a classic Canadian winter,’ and the white stuff may stick around for a while, with some suggesting we’ll still be seeing snowfalls next March. Read More

Where to Spot Santa in the Waterloo Region 

Santa has begun popping up all over the Waterloo Region, beginning with appearances in Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph over the past weekend. But his regional tour is far from over yet, as this guide to Santa Spotting details. Read More



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