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Monday Waterloo Region Roundup – Kathleen Wynne Kicks Off Oktoberfest, Winter Garden Warning,

KW Oktoberfest Kicked Off By Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

The annual KW Oktoberfest kicked off last Friday, and this year’s opening keg tapper was none other than Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who was on hand to officially declare the 49th staging of the now world famous fair open. Read More 

Local Agents Talk Business at CREA’s Let’s Talk Event 

The busy Kitchener Waterloo real estate market is gearing up for an end of year push and, along with many of our other fellow local agents we had a great and productive time attending the CREA Let’s Talk event last week for some great networking and learning. Read More.

Local Gardening Expert Advises That Region’s Gardens Need Extra Care Before Winter 

According to local gardening expert, Perry Grobe, owner of Grobe’s Nursery and Garden Centre, the lack of rain this past September has left the region’s garden vulnerable to autumn and winter damage, but fortunately, he says, with a little extra care there’s still time to prevent permanent damage before winter sets in. Read More 

Local Professor Repurposes Pesky Plants in the Most Amazing Way 

Common buckthorn is another problem Waterloo Region gardeners face as it’s an invasive species that can strangle and suffocate plants very quickly as it takes hold. Now however, a retired University of Guelph professor has found a new way to make good use of this unwanted nuisance; turning it into beautiful handmade guitars. Read More



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