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Monday Waterloo Region Roundup – The LRT and Waterloo Region Real Estate, MPP Targets Phone Zo

Experts Say Arrival of LRT ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ for Waterloo Region Housing Diversity

According to a prestigious local urban planning expert the arrival of the LRT is going to be very good news for the real estate industry as he believes that  “Waterloo neighbourhoods will become some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in the region.” once the trains arrive. Read More.

Phone Zombies Beware, New Laws May Mean You Have to Wake Up

A new private member’s bill has been presented in Ontario’s Legislature that is aimed at reducing the number of ‘phone zombies’ – those who never look up from their phone, even to cross the street -on the roads by fining them up to $50 for ‘failing to look  up’. This is in response to a huge increase in the number of injuries and even fatalities that have occurred across Ontario – including in the Waterloo Region – as a result of ‘texting and walking’.  Read More 

Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington Pick Up International Awards 

After 29 years in existence, the great people at Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington have got some great international recognition for the importance and effectiveness of the work they do. Read More

Learn the Fine Art of Jack O’ Lantern Carving from Cambridge’s Pumpkin Queen 

Still haven’t quite decided what you are going to turn those pumpkins into before tomorrow evening’s Halloween Scarefest? A woman who is known as ‘The Pumpkin Queen of Cambridge’, Kara Klypycz, offered some advice on how to make yours the very best on the block. Check out her best tips here. Read More.


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