• Aron Pinto

Moving with Fido and Fluffy – The Importance of a Pet Moving Plan

You’ve found and purchased the perfect Waterloo Region home. The whole family is excited and can hardly wait for moving day to arrive. You’ve booked the movers, packed the boxes and have begun picking out the fresh new decor for your brand new (to you) house. Have you forgotten anything? If you have pets maybe. Have you made a pet moving plan yet?

Pets are not always as excited as their humans to be moving house and may be a little more troublesome than usual in light of that fact. In addition, even if Fido and Fluffy are not freaked out by all of the boxes and commotion there are still special considerations to be kept in mind – and prepared for – before the big day. Here are just a few helpful tips to get you started:

Make Sure Everyone’s Chipped and Tagged

Unfortunately too many pets go missing on moving day and some never do make it to their new home. To maximize the chances that your four legged friend could be reunited with you should they slip away during the move make sure that they are both microchipped and wearing a tag that bears a phone number you can be easily reached at no matter which home – the old or the new – you happen to be at when they are found.

Get Pets’ Transport Ready

Most moving companies do not move pets (and you probably wouldn’t want them to anyway, it’s your puppy, not your piano) so getting your pets to their new home is going to be down to you.

If you will be using a pet carrier, which most people do, make sure it is in good working order; the doors latch properly, there are no sharp or broken edges inside and it is big enough for your pet to spend time in comfortably. You should also give the whole thing a trial run so that if your pet is going to be particularly difficult to get in the carrier because they just don’t like the idea you’ll still have plenty of time to make an ‘action plan’ to try to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible on moving day.

Prepare a Pet Room

Ideally moving day would be a great day for Fido and Fluffy not to be around at all, so if a safe ‘playdate’ with a family member or friend can be arranged that really would be the best, and safest, option for all involved. If that is not possible though make a plan to designate a safe space at both your old home and your new home where they can hang out away from all the commotion going on around them. to remind people – especially movers – that they are there and should not be disturbed post a clear sign announcing that fact.

Easing Anxieties

Possible pet problems may not end on moving day. Often pets – cats especially – are rather spooked by their new surroundings and may become quite anxious and afraid. To help ease some of those anxieties let them explore freely and make sure that at least some of their familiar things – blankets, food dishes, beds – are available to them right away to help them feel more at home. And don’t let pets outside right away, let them get used to their new environment before allowing them to venture out alone.


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