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Must Do Home Staging Tips: Working to Keep Your Garden Green

Spring is here, which means soon it will be time to get back out into the garden again to ‘spruce it up’ for summer.

Almost all property owners understand the value of a well-kept lawn and landscape. Not only do such things add to their enjoyment of their property but to its ‘curb appeal’ as well. There is nothing worse than being known as the owner of the ‘terrible lawn’.

This issue is of special importance when your Waterloo Region home is for sale and potential buyers will be checking out your lawn with a particularly critical eye.

Getting Help With the Grass

Maintaining great grass and keeping your garden green is hard work at the best of times, but when you are busy trying to sell your home and buy a new one it gets even harder. That is why more and more people are turning over the general maintenance of their lawn and landscape to professionals as a part of their ongoing home staging efforts.

Managing a landscape in our area properly takes a lot of knowledge and skill. You need to when is the right time to plant, how the local climate will affect everything you do, how to spot, and treat, lawn common diseases – yes lawns get sick – and more.

There is also the time involved in maintaining a nice lawn. One of the biggest reasons that people hire outside help is that they simply do not have the time to do it all themselves, even if they have the basic knowledge to do so. When you are selling your home it’s imperative that it looks its best at all times, and a raggedy lawn that should have been mown and weeded a week ago will not make a good impression at all.

Working with Your Lawn Company

There are some things that any home seller can do to help ensure that once they have found the right lawn service – and we have some fantastic ones in our area – that they get the results that they are hoping for.

If you begin working with a lawn and landscape company and just give a vague, verbal order to “landscape the front of my house” or ‘fix my lawn’ that opens up all kinds of possibilities for misinterpretation. While a good lawn and landscaping service will immediately be able to spot some problems and certainly make some suggestions as to how a unique property could be improved, they still need the customer’s input to make sure that they get it right and create a garden that the property owner loves as much as they do.

Highlight Your Landscapes Best Features

Before a lawn and or landscaping job or a service contract begins, take a few minutes to photograph your landscape yourself. Take shots that highlight the problem areas you expect to be fixed and that document the weeds that you want eliminated. Use them to create a little wish list of the things that you wish your landscape had that you can share with the company so that you can get the results you are hoping for as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Finally, unless you are certain that you’ll be able to do it, you should schedule a weekly mow after any initial ‘big jobs’ are completed. In addition to when they are actually shown your home by a real estate agent many would be buyers will do a pre-showing ‘drive by’ to check the place out. And while they won’t be able to see inside your home they’ll certainly be able to see your lawn, so it must look its lush, green best at all times.



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