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Old Fashioned Tactics for Selling Your Own Home that Still Work

Engaging the services of a great Realtor is one of the first steps any home seller serious about getting their property sold quickly and efficiently should do but after having done so that does not necessarily mean that they should not take whatever opportunities to market their home themselves arise. And while things like online listings are probably best left to your professional help there are some old fashioned – but often still very effective – tactics a homeseller should keep in mind that may just help get that ‘for sale’ sign swapped for a ‘sold’ notice.

Talk to Strangers – Yes I know this goes against the all of the good advice your mother always gave you, but you are a grown up with a home to sell now! Mention that you are selling your home to people at church, at the grocery store, even at your kids friends’ parents at school. You never know, these practical strangers may be the turn out to be the future homeowner of your house, or they might know someone who is looking a house just like yours and will be happy to pass the word along.

Insist On a Really Good For Sale Sign – A good, well positioned For Sale sign is still one of the best ways to attract potential buyers who are driving around an area they know they like looking to see what might be available. Most Realtors can provide you a branded one that will certainly stand out but when if possible be at home when it is installed so that you can make sure that it really is going in the most visible spot and don’t be afraid to speak up if you do not think it is.

Distribute Fliers – A good old fashioned colorful flier or brochure is still a fabulous way to help market your own home when you are selling it. Don’t have them printed and then leave them all sitting in a pile at home though. Add a brochure box to your for sale sign and keep it stocked, drop a dozen or so off at the supermarket, the library and any other public place that will let you. Also, keep a couple in your car and a few more in your desk – you never know when you might meet a potential buyer and its always good to be prepared.

Keep in Touch With Your Realtor – Your Realtor is no doubt working hard on your listing but if it’s been longer than you’d like since you heard from them pick up the phone and check in with them. By the same token if your Realtor is trying to reach you make the time to call them back (or at least text) as making it hard to reach you may make it hard for your Realtor to actually get your home sold!

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