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Outdoor Lighting Upgrades to Enhance Your Waterloo Region Home’s Curb Appeal

Any good landscaper or exterior loving architect will tell you that you that as a homeowner you can do almost anything with outdoor lighting and they are correct. The simple addition of a little outdoor lighting can really help transform an OK garden into something truly spectacular.

And as the days are still rather short right now, it’s more likely that home buyers may arrive to view your home for sale after the sun has set, and outdoor lighting can help you showcase your home’s best features right from the start.

Even though there are literally thousands of choices out there when it comes to outdoor lighting, almost all of it tends to fall into one of several placement categories.

Outdoor Uplighting

This particular outdoor light source is, as its name suggests, one that comes from ground level up and is primarily designed to draw extra attention to certain particularly attractive features in your landscaping plan such as a majestic tree or a wonderful set of bushes. Outdoor uplighting is also an excellent way to add a little general ambient light to your outdoor space in general, adding a bit of a magical glow and creating a very welcoming ambiance.

Outdoor Downlighting

This is, as you have probably already figured out the complete opposite of the above. Light is shone down onto the feature – or features – to be highlighted and this is a great way to brighten and enhance a dark driveway or to showcase the flowerbeds/bushes/shrubs etc. you have worked so hard on even after the sun goes down.

Outdoor Spotlights

Although they can be a bit harsh if you are not careful spotlights are great for using anywhere that you want to add a little extra light, especially for security purposes. Home buyers – savvy ones anyway – are mindful of just how safe a new home might be and these small additions can increase the sense of that desired security in their minds.

Outdoor Path Lighting

The single most obvious use of outdoor path lighting is to make your garden pathways easier – and safer- to navigate after dark. That is far from their only use though, as the right pathway lighting can add a charming touch of dreamy illumination of soften and beautify the look of any outdoor pathway after dark.

Entry Lighting

The one area that it is a must to ensure is properly lit after dusk is the entrance to your home. However, rather than simply adding a simple spotlight or hidden lighting strip take this as an opportunity to truly enhance the space aesthetically. Take the time to shop lighting stores with great care to find a fixture that works with your home’s style overall as well as the overall outdoor lighting scheme you have now set up.



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