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Popular Kitchen Paint Colour Combinations for Home Staging Success

It’s standard advice that a home should be – to one degree or another – repaired, refreshed and staged before it heads onto the market, and often many homeowners do realise (sometimes with a bit of a nudge from their Realtor) that a few coats of paint can work wonders.

The problem is though, another piece of standard staging advice is that the home should be one that appeals to as many people as possible, so any colour combinations should be kept rather neutral. However, if every room is then repainted in whites and beiges, the overall effect can be rather bland and soulless, something unlikely to appeal to many buyers at all.

One solution is to do a little research and discover which colour combinations seem to be appealing to most people most often. To do this flip through some home decor magazines and scroll through online galleries at websites like Houzz. Make a note of which colour combinations you see most often, and which seem to have the best reactions in terms of social media shares. These tend to be the ones that are most popular in general, which and so worth considering incorporating into your own.

Colour choice is also very much a room by room decision, and so today we’ve decided to focus on the kitchen. Here’s a look at some of the kitchen colour combinations that are attracting the most ‘love’ at the moment but are also rather timeless, rather than simply just trendy:

Ivory and White

This colour combination is an almost perennial favourite. Since the kitchen does tend to be one of the busiest areas in a home, it’s often a great idea to pick calming shades of white and ivory. White alone can be too stark, but the warmth of an ivory can tone the effect down. It also then makes it easy to add in pops of colour here and there for a little extra visual interest.

The downside of such a light kitchen however is that it needs to be kept uber clean. In a busy family home, this isn’t always so easy. If you do opt for the look make sure you make use of durable, washable paint and make any potential buyers with kids aware of that fact, so that they do not immediately dismiss the space because it will be a lot of work to maintain.

Shades of Green

Green is, in general, a soothing color that can lend an earthy, organic vibe to a kitchen, especially when paired with wooden accents. Mint and apple green are other options that can add even more character to your kitchen and go very well with white cabinets and countertops.

The Blues

All kinds of shades of blue can work well in a kitchen. Crisp light blues paired with white can create a fun, rather beachy vibe, while robin’s egg blue pops when paired with wood accents. A less usual shade, navy blue is showing up in kitchens more and more too. A striking color, it feels modern and sophisticated when paired with white walls and stainless steel appliances. And for a more rustic type space, pops of blue paired with ivory accents can add vintage charm.

Gorgeous Greys

For a number of years now some interior designers have touted grey as the ‘hottest’ new neutral, and as of late the idea has really been taking off. Not battleship grey of course, that would be pretty awful, but rather softer, more soothing shades that pair well with white for a very neutral look, or with less usual choice like raspberry, pumpkin and yellow for the slightly more adventurous.

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