• Aron Pinto

Preventing Pet Damage to Your Home

Pets are wonderful things to have around the house – and as a part of the family – but they can cause quite a bit of damage around the home. And if you are just moving into a brand-new Waterloo Region home – or are attempting to sell one and need to keep things as attractive as possible – it can be an especially sticky problem.

It’s a difficult situation – you love your pets, they are wonderful to have around but you do wish they would not cause quite such a mess…

Although you can probably never quite pet proof any home there are some things you can do to make life with Fido or Fluffy just a little less stressful on the condition of your home, whether you are just moving in or getting ready to move out.

Keep Your Pets Groomed and Your Home Will Stay Cleaner

You don’t have to take your pets to the groomers every week – you can do it yourself – but if you keep your pets groomed they will shed a lot less, something that will really save you some vacuuming time and keep your house a lot cleaner.

They themselves will also smell a lot nicer, something else that will keep your house smelling better too especially if you have carpeting

Outsmart Your Pets with a Few Tricks

Even the best trained pets have some nasty habits and it often seems that however many times they are corrected they never learn. There are a few crafty tricks you can try that might change their ways though:

To discourage dogs from chewing stuff

If your pet has a fondness for chewing up furniture, wires, carpets and everything else they can get their mouths around then often simply adding a few drops of something that they will hate – like lemon juice – to the objects of their affection. One or two nasty mouthfuls of something like that may soon have them deciding to stick to their toys and leave your stuff alone.

To Stop Cats From Roaming the Counters

Cats like to think that they rule the house and to them being told to stop doing something is for dogs to have to deal with, not cats. Instead of wasting your breath, try adding some clear contact paper onto the counters for a week or so. Cats will hate the sticky feeling, and they don’t soon forget things they hate so it just might put them off counter surfing for life.

To Stop Cats From Scratching

You can use a simple, similar trick to stop cats from scratching your furniture and your walls . If you add a little double-sided sticky tape to their favorite off limits scratching post they will get a nasty – but harmless – surprise that might make them think twice about doing it again.

Keep Your Pets Fit

A lot of a dog’s bad behavior can come from a lack of exercise. If you have a dog they need plenty of exercise, no matter what their breed and it’s good for you too.

Exercising a cat is harder, but a good session with a laser pointer will help them burn off some excess energy and it’s an awful lot of fun to watch for humans too!


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