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Quick Colour Fixes to Liven Up a Kitchen When Selling Your Home

The kitchen is often the single most important room in a home to a homebuyer and it is certainly one that you can expect to get paid a great deal of attention if you are selling your home. If there is nothing actually functionally wrong with your kitchen but you still feel it is looking a little dull and boring the simple act of painting a few walls and cupboard doors, or having a new kitchen backsplash installed can make all the difference.

You do of course have to decide on a new colour scheme for your kitchen and it has to be one that will appeal to lots of different people with differing tastes in home decor. Here to help then are some kitchen colour combos that are red hot right now but should stand the test of time, unlike those avocados and browns from the Seventies:

Green and Silver

A lot of homeowners have opted to add a number of stainless steel appliances to their kitchens. While the look is elegant they can make a kitchen look and feel a little cold and devoid of personality. Here a soft green has been used both to repaint the kitchen cupboards and to create a new ceramic back splash. The finished look is one that takes the edge of the stainless steel’s cold appearance and creates a friendlier, more welcoming space.

Red and White

Some homeowners are rather scared of the idea of a red kitchen but if you have white kitchen cupboards and kitchen counters like the kitchen pictured here red walls can create a huge impact that is both stylish and not at all overpowering. Red is also a colour that unconsciously stimulates the appetite perhaps conveying the feeling to potential buyers that in this kitchen their culinary creations will become even more inspired!

Black and White

Black and white is timeless colour combination that works especially well in the kitchen and will certainly never look dated, whatever the current most fashionable colours are. In this example light blue backsplashes have been added to provide an extra shot of visual interest and because black and white is such a versatile choice you could actually add a new backsplash in the colour of your choice to get a very different look with ease.

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