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Quick Kitchen Cabinet Updates You Can Complete in a Day

If you ask many a homeowner which room in the house they would most like to make changes to they will tell you they would love to do up their kitchen.

A full kitchen remodel is a relatively expensive, if very satisfying, project though and for most people it takes a couple of years of saving up to afford. It is not however a project that anyone intending to sell their home wants to take on at all.

A kitchen’s cupboards and cabinets are really their most prominent feature. They are also the one thing that you can change inexpensively and fairly easily to help you stage a nicer looking kitchen without spending too much money.

Here are just a few ideas:

Paint it White

White or neutral colored kitchen elements certainly look neat and tidy and painting your current cabinets white is a DIY project that most people can handle. The key to keeping the space welcoming and fun instead of sterile and boring though is the careful addition of colour. Little splashes of color, whether they are in the form of a colourful pair of curtains or a bright set of dishes really do make all the difference.

Open Things Up

If you have a smaller kitchen removing some of your kitchen cabinet doors can make it feel far more spacious instantly. By painting the interior of the newly opened cabinets with a nice contrasting colour that complements, but does not match the colour of the remaining doors you can create a look that is stunning as well.

Swap Out the Hardware

Sometimes all a dated cabinet look needs to bring it into the 21st century is a change of cabinet hardware. Something as simple as swapping bulky knobs and handles for contemporary looking tubular handles can make a huge difference.



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