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Remodeling 101: Great Reasons to Choose Marble Countertops

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the most popular home improvements undertaken in homes all over the world. There are several reasons why this is the case – doing so will make one of the busiest rooms in the home more efficient and nicer to be in and a kitchen remodel usually pays off very well should a homeowner ever decide to sell up and move on. That is especially true if the homeowner opts for a higher grade counter top material.

Natural stone has been a hugely popular choice amongst homeowners for counter tops in recent years. Granite and quartz are both great choices but there is one other natural stone choice that is usually prized above all others – marble counter tops. While the initial cost is far from inexpensive there are still a number of really good reasons to consider marble counter tops for your home:

Marble Has a Timeless Appeal

The wealthy amongst the Ancients Romans were known for their love of exquisite architecture and for beautifying their homes. They were very fond of using natural stone but marble was a special favorite, reserved only for the finest homes because it was simply so much more elegant and beautiful. That is just the appeal they can bring into your home.

Although it is said that granite and marble counter tops are similar, which in many ways they are marble counter-tops do have the edge in looks. The crystals that make up marble are far smaller than those in granite and the look of the smoother, more intricately patterned marble is hard to beat.

Beautiful Colors

Marble can be found in a great many naturally occurring color variations. Marble countertops can be found in shades that range from the whitest of whites through deeply veined pinks, greens and blues all the way up to deep dark blacks and every natural marble counter top will be ever so slightly unique – something that really appeals to homeowners who really want their homes to stand out.


Just how is it that we know that the ancient Romans loved a nice bit of marble in their homes? Simply because there is a lot of it still around. The fact that these marble pieces have survived for a few thousand years already should put paid to any worries a homeowner might have about marble counter tops durability for use in the standard residential kitchen or bathroom!

A marble counter top will benefit from sealing every few years to keep in the very best shape but it is heat and stain resistant and the few small scratches it may pick up over the years tend to only add to its appeal.


Marble countertops are versatile enough that they will fit in seamlessly with practically any kind of decor. Marble counter tops work as well in a stainless steel filled modern and contemporary kitchen every bit as well as they do in a kitchen that has a more old-fashioned, even rustic theme.

Mix and Match

Because it is a more expensive choice some people choose to add just a single marble counter top with other, less expensive choices mixed into the equation. This can work rather well – making use of marble for a centre island only for example – and add a touch of luxury for less.

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