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Rent vs. Buy – Arguments for Home Ownership

We’ve seen it many times. A couple, or a young family, who are thinking about buying a home but are not sure if it’s actually the best idea for them. They have a nice apartment, the rent’s reasonable, the area’s nice and buying a home is, they’ve heard, an awful lot of work, even if you have a excellent real estate agent. So maybe it’s a better idea to just stay put.

Yet every year thousands of Canadians like them do go through all the hassles involved in buying a home. Why would they do that? Well, quite simply because they know that whatever headaches and hassles they must go through – and it’s really not as bad as you might think – they are far and away outweighed by the benefits of buying a home.

So, if you need some inspiration to start house hunting or just want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all that homeownership has to offer, check out this list of the biggest perks of homeownership that will repay your hard work from now well into retirement.

You Can Build a Predictable Budget

Any landlord can choose to raise your rent when your lease expires—and often by as much as they please. But as a homeowner, you can lock in a predictable mortgage payment for as long as 30 years. This allows you to make a long-term budget to help save for other things that will crop up the future, such as helping your kid with college expenses or saving for your retirement.

You’ll Be Investing in Your Future, Not Your Landlord’s

OK, so your current rent is reasonable and your landlord has shown no sign of wanting to raise it anytime soon. That’s great. However, who benefits from all of that cash you hand over every month? Your landlord and their ex-spouse/investment portfolio/retirement fund. etc.

Owning a house on the other hand, provides you with a valuable asset and financial stability, as not only do you build up equity but often the value of the property appreciates over time. So, at least when you are paying a mortgage on a home you own it is your future you are investing in, not some stranger you barely know.

You Can Channel Your Inner Designer

What renter hasn’t ever said to themselves “I’d really love to paint/alter/knock down this wall/redo this floor/landscape this yard to…”? But they really can’t. First, you need a landlord’s permission. And even if they give it you, which is not common for many modifications, you’ll only benefit in the short term. In the long term, it’s the landlord who does, especially if you do a fabulous job.

If you opt for homeownership however you can do almost anything you want. Paint your bedroom purple and orange if you like, or install rainbow-coloured carpet. OK, that’s all a bit weird, but if you own the place, at least you know you could do some crazy stuff if you really wanted to.

It’s yours!

This may seem  obvious, but it’s worth mentioning here: With a rental, you run the risk of getting kicked out at the end of your lease. Or if the landlord decides to sell up and move on to another project. Which could be anytime. With a home you own, you can live there indefinitely. And isn’t there something very comforting in knowing there’s a place where you’ll always have a roof over your head? Of course there is!

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