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Selling a Waterloo Region Home at the Holidays: Sensible and Effective Decor Tips

If you’re selling your Waterloo Region home this holiday season, then there are some things you need to know about decorating. You will have potential buyers requesting walkthroughs and you may host an open house or two which means you need to consider more than just your personal style and taste when bringing out festive decorations.

There’s no doubt that houses show better when they’re decorated over the holidays but the question is, what kind of decorations? Here are a few tips

Holiday decorations should fit the style of the home.

If you have a very contemporary home, consider tasteful modern holiday decorations. Selling your Waterloo Region home that’s a little older and more traditional? Your decorations should reflect this vibe.

Go for Seasonal Greenery

A real wreath on the door with a few bows is fine for the holidays. So are some pine garlands on the porch or across a fireplace mantel.

Don’t Over Decorate Outside.

No twinkling, musical or colorful animated characters on the lawn, front porch or the roof. Now is not the time to compete with the neighbours for the most decorated home or for Clark Griswold style huge lighted displays.

Clean Up Around Your Tree.

If you have a real Christmas tree make certain you clean up the pine needles. Neatness counts for a lot and in any case, having the pesky things tramped through the house only creates more work for you later.

Keep It Simple with Ornaments.

Don’t clutter your tree with every ornament you’ve ever used over the years at the holidays. Think streamlined and simple.

One Candle Per Window, Please.

Candles in the windows are fine – actually they can look really lovely – but make certain the candles do not draw attention to any potential negatives outside or inside the home. Some decorative lights are fine. Lights (white lights only, please) inside the home are OK, but if you must run extension cords all over the place—due to a lack of outlets, a negative to buyers—forget the lights altogether.

Put Away Religious Symbols

Nutcrackers, manger scenes and menorahs may be important to you but could be a distraction to buyers, especially in our area as the Waterloo Region is a very culturally diverse one. Keep the religious items out for your own personal celebrations by all means but put them away for showings.

Don’t Display Holiday Greeting Cards

If you display all of your seasonal greetings cards – as pretty as they may be – they become like family photos—another distraction that prevents buyers from “seeing” themselves living in your house.

Clear Your Cookies

Don’t leave a plate of cookies out at showings—you’re trying to find a buyer, not entice Santa to leave you more presents. Plus, food allergies are a real concern these days. Causing an allergic reaction is not a good way to inspire someone to make an offer on your home. Stick to the simple stuff.

Curb Appeal Continues to Count.

In the winter and with inclement weather, a big part of curb appeal is having a shoveled driveway and a walk clear of ice and snow. It’s definitely a negative if buyers can’t make it to your front door—safely.

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