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Staging Your Home for Sale to Appeal to Both Sexes of Home Buyer

Hesitant to paint your living room accent wall that bright new trending color before listing your home? Worried those beautiful floral patterned curtains of yours in the bedroom will scare a more masculine buyer away? Whether staging your home for sale or simply updating your décor with a fresh new look for the season, it’s important to keep the following styling tips in mind in order to appeal to both gender’s personal tastes.

1. Start with a neutral color base.

A hard and fast rule for neutralizing is starting with shades of gray, beige, and white for walls, flooring, counter tops and larger furnishings. To add some warmth and depth, make use of deeper tones like navy or black paired with pops of color in accents such as pillows, rugs and curtains.

2. Combine traditional furniture with modern accents


Big tufted velvet or floral patterned sofas speak more to feminine tastes with a more formal style while a streamlined sofa in a neutral fabric paired with a contemporary coffee table and modern accents creates a relaxed, welcoming feel. Adding a leather armchair in a darker fabric will please both sexes and is an idea well worth considering.

3. Bring in texture and pattern in accents

A patterned rug along with fun accents such as cozy woven throws and textured pillows is a great way to add generic, chic appeal. Avoid delicate trinkets on tables and shelves. Instead, try adding a little industrial or vintage style with chrome, metal, and brass side tables, floor lamps, and other finishing touches.

4. Add elements from nature.

Add a natural touch with earthy elements such as reclaimed wood tables, tree stump stools, woven baskets, natural fiber rugs, and twisted tree branch arrangements. Instead of a feminine style silk floral arrangement, try a cactus plant or other faux potted greenery. And wall art with a coastal or nautical theme or any landscape scenery are all perfect ways to add a mutually pleasing style.

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