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Staircase Decorating Ideas That Raise the Bar for Your Entryway Styling

Think your home’s staircase is just a way of getting to the second floor? If so, it’s time to think again.

The stairs are a real focal point of your home and very often one of the first things guests or, if you’re selling your home , a potential buyer, will be faced with when they walk in your front door.

This means that if the stairs are dinged, or the risers are worn (or covered with old, dingy carpet) the chance of your home making a positive first impression may go quickly downhill. Rather than let that happen to you here are some decorating ideas that suggest how to spruce up this important feature of your home and help make your staircase a selling point rather than an eyesore.

Accent the Risers

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make a difference when it comes to home staging. The often overlooked risers on a staircase offer a chance to inject a little personality into a ho-hum hallway, just making use of a few cans of paint.

Painting each riser with a single color is fine, but why not go (a step) further and use contrasting shades? You could even get a little more creative without being too over the top, as demonstrated in the examples below.

Build in a Nook

The space underneath a staircase is often completely overlooked, but there are many of ways to utilize this neglected space to add function, style and ‘buyer appeal’ to your home relatively simply.

Even a smaller space can be used as storage, a simple home office, a reading nook and more. Check out the examples below for a little inspiration.

Change the Railing

If your staircase looks pretty good but it comes along with a plain, boring or battered banister investing in an upgrade may be something to consider. Replacing a banister is not as hard or as expensive as you might think and it can offer a huge improvement to your home’s entryway for just a small investment. And as the photos below demonstrate,there are a lot of options available to choose from.

Carpet Considerations

All too often gorgeous stairs are covered up by less than stellar carpet, sometimes without a home owner ever realising it if they have never taken the time to look since buying the home themselves. If your stairs are carpeted consider what’s underneath, is it a better choice as a home decor choice? Refinishing wooden stairs is not a difficult process in many cases and some people even expose stone or concrete to great effect.

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