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Stunning Room Divider Ideas To Help Stage an Open Space in Style

The humble room divider has been enhancing homes for centuries. In Ancient Chinese palaces beautiful detailed dividers separated the open plan layout into small private rooms. These days they can be used not only to divide larger spaces but also to add storage and aesthetic interest as well.

Anyone selling a home is told that staging is important and while you don’t want to go too far simply painting the walls white and adding a couple of interesting vases. And if you have a large, open space that is, to be honest, lacking a little character the addition of a room divider can work wonders.

A room divider can be a lot more than just a plain screen though. Here is a look at some great room divider ideas that are slightly more unusual, and certainly very stylish that can even be used to stage and suggest various uses for the space in buyer’s minds, piquing their interest considerably.

Clever Curtains

A simple system that divides a room using an elegant pair – or several pairs – of curtains can be one of the most stunning ways to divide a room. I love these photo printed curtains though as they add a very special, architectural dimension to the room – and think of the savings on actual furniture!

Another very effective way to use curtains to divide a space for aesthetic purposes is to make great use of translucent new panels. The effect is one that creates a space that immediately seems calmer, more elegant and certainly more tranquil.

Perfect Paperboard

This clever little room divider would be the perfect choice for separating a home office from the rest of a larger space, something that those who work from home often have to do and one that would create an interesting scenario to pitch to potential buyers. This screen is crafted from paperboard (a sort of very hard cardboard) that then has cleverly layered cloth attached over it, creating handy little pockets that offer extra storage without taking away any space from the spaces on either side of the screen.

The Green Screen

Any space can benefit from the addition of a few live plants and this wonderful room divider offers a great way to do that while also adding some elegant structure to a wide open space. Essentially it is littler more than a planter, the kind you might find at a nursery but it has been so cleverly put together that it looks like a high end piece of furniture. It is a truly clever room divider that could change the whole vibe of a room in less than an hour and would certainly be something any prospective buyer would remember.

Ornate and Elegant

If you have a studio or loft apartment, or have a very large open plan living space it can be very hard to make it look a little less cavernous and plain. This elegant wooden screen would however be an excellent way to do so while also providing some functional delineation that can help make the space look and feel more functional, both things that potential buyers should be rather impressed by.

Retro and Quirky

This retro room divider is a quirky, but not too twee, affordable way to divide a space while also adding some real visual impact. It is easy to imagine that this screen could be used in almost any room, but as a division between a living room and dining room area it is particularly effective.

The great thing about all of these room division options is that all of them can be put up with very little fuss. The most complex thing might be adding a curtain track to the ceiling but even that is not particularly difficult and for the most part these ideas are all rather cost effective staging tools as well.



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