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Team Pinto Blog Cracks the Top 60 Real Estate Agent Websites And Blogs For Estate Agents & Brok

At Team Pinto, we’ve always believed that our website should offer more than stark, cold listing information, a few contact numbers and the standard real estate bio blurbs. For that reason, we’ve been blogging here for over three years now, covering everything from the basics of home selling and home buying in the Waterloo Region, home staging and renovations, life in this great area we are proud to call home and more.

Three years – and a couple of hundred posts later – we were rather delighted to find ourselves listed on Feedspot’s Top 60 Real Estate Agent Websites And Blogs For Estate Agents & Brokers. This puts us in the company of real estate professionals from across Canada, the US and Europe, so it’s rather exciting, and very interesting.

Recognition like this is nice, but obviously the people we really write for are those living in – or thinking of living in – the Waterloo Region. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy putting it together and that it provides you with a little information, insight and/or inspiration that you might not have found anywhere else.



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