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Team Pinto's Big Guide to Waterloo Region Home Bathroom Staging

It's all too tempting to get caught up in big jobs like landscaping, dusting, and repainting damaged walls when staging a Waterloo Region home for sale. This might lead to home sellers overlooking crucial rooms that tend to boost the value of your home, such as the bathroom.

Bathrooms are an area we utilize on a daily basis, whether for personal hygiene or a relaxing spa session. Because we spend so much time in the bathroom, there are some things that home sellers overlook, such as cleanliness and good staging.

For potential buyers, forgetting to arrange a bathroom might be a deal breaker. According to the National Association of Realtors' Profile of Home Staging, 46% of buyers believe that staging a bathroom is at least somewhat important. Keep reading to discover more about bathroom staging before you put your house on the market.

Staging the Bathroom in Your Waterloo Region Home

While great bathrooms come in a wide range of sizes, color palettes and styles, there are some fundamental facts about what makes a bathroom look unappealing and obsolete. Here are some critical things to keep in mind while staging the bathroom(s) in your Waterloo Region home.

1. Make sure there is enough light.

Darkness will make a room feel cramped and unwelcoming. There are several options to add light to your bathroom, like replacing your vanity lights with high-voltage bulbs and adding a backlit LED mirror.

When staging a bathroom, don't overlook the importance of natural light, especially if you have a bathroom that gets good light. Make sure the blinds in your bathroom are open if it has windows. Using a lighter color scheme for window treatments might help buyers focus on specific characteristics of your bathroom and make it appear more spacious.

2. Consider basic bathroom renovations.

A simple shower redesign, such as replacing showerhead fixtures or changing your tile, is a minor expenditure that can make a big difference. If your vanity is worn out, consider replacing it or giving it a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. If you discover any cracks or holes around your windows, doors, sink, or shower, fill them with silicone caulk to keep air, bugs, and water out.

3. Use neutral hues.

To appeal to as many potential homebuyers as possible, remove any bright or clashing colors from your bathroom, including tile and architecture. Simple paint colors like white, beige, or taupe are safe to use and can reassure buyers that painting is one less thing they'll have to change.

4. Clear personal stuff off surfaces and store it away.

When it comes to bathroom staging, less is more. Make sure to keep all personal items in cabinet drawers, such as toothbrushes, razors, shampoos, cosmetics, and hairbrushes. If you have a laundry hamper, take it out of the room to make more space. Remove any toilet seat covers or bath mats to allow buyers to concentrate on the appliances and fittings. To create a welcoming environment, make sure your countertops are clean and clutter-free.

5. Add a few finishing touches

Include fluffy, white towels, a new bar of soap in a clean dish, and a new shower curtain to create a spa retreat vibe. Install a large mirror in a small bathroom to create the illusion of a larger space. Small finishing touches, such as a plant or vase, can help provide a dash of color, but don't over-accessorize your bathroom while staging it, or the space will appear cramped and chaotic.

6. Make an effort to appeal to all the senses

Because the bathroom is one of the most odor-prone rooms in the house, make sure to remove any residual odors and replace them with fresh scents. Light a candle or install an air freshener with relaxing scents like lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, or florals before your home tour. This will entice buyers into your bathroom and draw attention to it.

7. Do not leave the toilet seat up.

Many online listings keep their toilet lids open when displaying their porcelain throne, which is surprising. And offputting to home buyers browsing the web. When preparing your home for sale, make sure the toilet is closed and clean.

Cleaning a Staged Bathroom

If your bathroom is old or outdated, there may be potential risks and indoor allergies that need to be addressed before you start staging it. Mold, mildew, and discolored tiling are the most prevalent problems that homeowners encounter.


Mould is your worst enemy everywhere there is moisture, and even the tiniest whiff or sight of the stuff can drive potential buyers away. Surface mold is readily removed, and addressing it early on can prevent it from spreading throughout your property.

Any major mould discovery should be followed by a complete cleanup and a leak analysis of your home's plumbing and exterior. If you suspect your home has a mould problem, don't take any chances and have it inspected by an expert.

Mildew and Discolored Paint

Even in clean conditions, discolouration can cause a bathroom to appear grimy. You can easily repaint it if the culprit is aging or damaged paint. Mildew, which thrives in wet places like bathrooms, is another factor.

Apply a drop of bleach solution to the surface to check for mildew. If it's mildew, the stain should change colors in about a minute. Mildew can be cleaned with a bleach solution, and mildew can be prevented with a fresh layer of mildewcide paint. However, if you apply new paint before killing the mildew, it may return.

Bathroom Tiling Stains

While stained tile is unappealing, it rarely demands the replacement of your whole bathroom floor. In fact, with a little elbow grease, the stains may often be eliminated in just a few minutes. Surfaces can be deep cleaned with a warm water and vinegar solution, and mildew can be removed with a water-ammonia solution. With a kerosene treatment, rusty patches can be rapidly removed.

Following these simple bathroom staging suggestions will help your property stand out online, get buyers through the door, leave a lasting impression, and sell your home faster, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself. Need advice on which you should opt for? A good Waterloo Region real estate pro will be able to help, and refer you to a great local home staging professional if you need one.

Getting ready to buy a Waterloo Region home, or sell the one you own? Let Team Pinto use their huge local real estate experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.



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