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The Best of the March Break Fun in the Waterloo Region

March break is quickly approaching and that means that many families in our area will be looking for ways to keep the kids amused when the novelty of being out of school with nothing to do wears off (usually, after about 12 hours right?)

Fortunately, the Waterloo Region has lots to offer this year, everything from great children’s theatre to a breakfast with bugs! Here’s a look at some the events that we think sound like lots of fun for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Bubble Guppies Ready to Rock Live

If you have younger kids then I expect you know all about the Bubble Guppies. Nick Jr’s crew of merpeople preschoolers are big favourites right now and the exciting news for fans of Molly and her friends is that they are coming to Kitchener on March 18.

The Bubble Guppies Live show is a combination of singing, dancing (or is that swimming?) comedy and learning. The show is being staged at the Main Theatre on Queen Street and you can find out more, and purchase advance tickets, here.

Bug Feast 2017 

Yes, you did read that right, bug feast. Over at the wonderful Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory every day from Saturday, March 11th to Sunday March 19th they’ll be serving up some very unusual snacks for breakfast, along with fun and informative presentations. The snacks are, as the event name suggests, bugs. As in real bugs. They’ll be Maple Fudge topped with Roasted Beetle Larvae, Maple Bacon Roasted Crickets and Maple Syrup-Infused Pancakes made with Mealworm Flour. And if it all sounds a bit gross the fact is (apparently) that these bugs are highly nutritious, safe to eat and rather tasty. And even if you don’t quite like the idea the kids are going to love it. For more information about this unusual event head here.

Maverick the Dinosaur 

Speaking of creatures head over to the THEMUSEUM in Kitchener and everyone can ‘meet’ the facility’s juvenile T REX, named Maverick. They can then learn all about him, everything from how his body works to what he eats and how he communicates and who his friends – and enemies – are. The exhibit runs from March 13 through March 16 and you can learn more here.

Irish Real Life Festival 

The March break encompasses St. Patrick’s Day for most, and so why not celebrate it at a really fun festival being staged across multiple venues across Kitchener and Waterloo. The fun will include Irish themed singing, dancing, theatre and, of course, lots of food and drink. They’ll also be multiple free concerts and, for the grown-ups, beer tastings that will showcase the best of Canadian-Irish microbrews from across the region and beyond.



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