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Top 5 Apps That Help Make Moving House Easier

One of the things that people dislike most about selling their home and moving into a new one – or leaving their rental/parents’ basement to finally become a homeowner is the actual moving house bit.

And for good reason. Moving is a pain. Moving is hard work, even if you hire help. Moving often upsets your kids and your pets. Often, moving upsets YOU. Yes, your new home will be a wonderful place to live once you’re in, but getting to that point in time could never be called easy or completely painless.

There are ways to make things easier, including putting that smartphone that is never too far from your side to work to help you in your move. There are some fantastic apps out there that can be a huge help to those getting ready to move. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Sortly is possibly the most useful app you can choose for whole move management. The Sortly app breaks down to-do lists by week, so that you know when to handle different parts of your move, from the early planning stages to day-of execution. It’s still helpful once the big move is technically over, as its list and inventory functions help make sure that everything is accounted for and the setup of your new home is as efficient as possible.

This app’s name sounds fanciful but it is really actually pretty close to magic. Take a picture of the rooms in your new home and the app will create actual floor plans, complete with measurements. It’s fantastic for taking to the home store and is actually quite a lot of fun,- as well as labour saving – as you can ‘place’ your furniture to create room layouts before you even close on your new space.

This is a simple little app but boy can it be helpful. The app prompts you to take photos of the items you put in a box and store it so when you go to unpack you know what box you need for what room and exactly what should be in it.

Once you’ve packed and inventoried your boxes using the Moving Van app you can then use this clever little utility to label them in a way that is far more intuitive than the old-fashioned Sharpie method.

The app creates printable, bar-coded labels that can be scanned by your phone so that you won’t have to open even a corner of a box to be sure which one is which. Better still, your movers can scan it too if need be.

The first few days living in a new place are hectic. Often the kitchen isn’t even set up for meal prep, even if you actually felt like cooking, which, chances are, you really don’t. Not only will Yelp! help you find restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and more in your new neighbourhood you can find out just what the locals think of the options available, a big help when you are a neighbourhood newbie.

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