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Top Frequently Asked Questions From Waterloo Region Home Sellers Answered

Selling your Waterloo region home is an exciting prospect, but can also feel like a daunting task for many sellers. The market is always changing, which is why choosing a real estate agent that has a lot of experience – local experience – will go a long way.

Right now people are very uncertain about the Waterloo real estate market -and selling general – due to the many restrictions in place to help combat COVID 19. The market is still active though, just in a different way.

Whenever you plan to sell your home, now or in the future, as experienced real estate agents we know that you probably have lots of questions, even if you’ve done this all before. Some are more common than others though. Here’s a list of the top frequently asked questions we get from home sellers.

When is a good time to sell my home?

This question really depends on the area and how the market is currently doing. Spring time is always a hot time to sell your home, but there are benefits to selling in the off season as well. Buyers are looking for homes all year round, so it’s important to understand the pros of cons of what months to list in. If you’re not in a rush, your realtor can help you choose a strategic time to sell your home.

What price should I list my home at?

Top rated Waterloo real estate agents know how to perform accurate analyses and cost comparisons of the market, homes in your area, and what the value of your home should be listed at. They can be trusted to help you make the right decision on pricing, since chances are, they’ve been doing it for years.

What changes do I have to make to my home to up the home value?

We love getting this question from sellers, because a few small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to upping the value of your home. By making a smart investment in a few renovations, ranging from big ones like kitchen overhauls or bathroom upgrades or small ones like landscaping and new flooring in your living room, you can get more value for your home when you sell. The best Waterloo Region real estate agents will know how to advise you on which changes will get you the most value for your buck.

Do I need to stage my home?

Yes and no. While it really depends on the home, chances are we can do a lot with what you have. Staging can happen if you want to move before you sell (and need your furniture), or if you have a very high-end home and want to pay for staging to really up the value.

However, most sellers don’t formally “stage.” Instead, we’ll work together to do minor things like declutter, depersonalise, and make some light changes (like bedding, curtains) to get the home Instagram worthy and ready to sell.

How much commission do you get?

Top real estate agents in the Waterloo Region will be transparent about the commission they make off of selling your home. Many realtors take about 6% commission, but there is a range. Be careful going with a realtor who takes a very low rate of commission – you get what you pay for.

Commission pays for the realtors time listing the home, leasing with buyers and other realtors, doing showings, staging open houses and all the marketing that needs to go into any home selling effort to get you the best price possible on your home.

Why should I use a real estate agent? Can’t I list myself?

Choosing a real estate agent is important, because they are experts in real estate and know the ins and outs of selling a home in the Waterloo Region. Yes, you can technically do it yourself but it’s a complex process with a lot of risk involved if you don’t know what you’re doing. Being honest, the number of successful FSBOs – for sale by owner transactions – we have ever seen is very low.

Working with a real estate agent will take a boatload of stress off your plate, and ensure that your home is listed and sold for the best possible price.

Don’t see your question here?

Reach out to us today. As one of the top real estate agent teams in the Waterloo Region , we are happy to chat with any sellers about questions they have as they enter the exciting journey of selling their home. Even if you’re just considering it, shoot us an email or call us today to talk more



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