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Top Tips for New Homeowners Trying to Fit Into Their New Neighbourhood

Once the closing is over, the movers have left and the boxes to be unpacked are dwindling in number, most new homeowners realise that they still have plenty to do, but it does not all involve picking out that new paint for the kitchen or getting that new stove installed. New homeowners also want to get themselves acclimatized to their new neighbourhood.

The fact is that when you move into a new neighbourhood, it can seem to be difficult to make friends and to become part of the local community. Here are some useful tips that will help you break the ice and make it easier to engage and make friends with your new neighbours.

Start Next Door

The first step many new homeowners (rightly) take is to get to know their immediate next door neighbours. Yes, it can be a bit daunting, but you should know that they are probably as anxious as you, wondering just who the new people are and what they are like. By taking the initiative, and making the ‘first move’ – one as simple as knocking on their front door to introduce yourself – you’ll almost certainly be starting off on the right foot and your efforts to be social will be appreciated.

There are more reasons to do all of this than simply trying to ensure that you all get along as far as possible, given the close proximity you live to one another. Your immediate neighbours can be a great source of help and information, able to offer wisdom and advice about everything from where to find the best pizza in the neighbourhood to where the best places are to shop and much more.

Get Out and Walk the Neighbourhood

You really can’t expect to be able to make friends and begin to feel like a part of the community if you live like a recluse. No matter how busy you are set aside a little time – preferably weekend time initially – to get out and explore.

Taking a walk around the neighbourhood gives you a chance to notice others and to be seen by them. If you have a dog this can be easier, as they can often serve as great conversation starters and makes it easier to connect with strangers. However, you don’t have to rush out and get a canine companion especially for this particular mission.

One of the best ways to fit into a new neighborhood is to ask people for suggestions about where to go and what to do. Most people are naturally helpful. If you reach out to and ask for their help in finding a local doctor, dentist, or even coffee shop you’ll be demonstrating that you respect and trust them and helping you with your needs will make them feel good about themselves. Simply asking for a suggestion helps you bond with your neighbors and ties you into your new community, and the feedback you get may very well also save you hours in tedious Internet research!

Get Involved

If you want to feel like you belong in the neighbourhood, jump in and get involved. Volunteers are always needed in every community and within all kinds of organizations. Find a local cause that interests you and volunteer your time and talent. This will give you a chance to meet like-minded people and will provide you a different perspective on the local area and community.

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