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Update! How Team Pinto is Handling Real Estate Transactions During the COVID19 Crisis

You may be wondering what measures real estate agents and brokerages are taking in these currently very uncertain times. Here in Ontario such individuals and companies are still allowed to operate – as they have been classified as essential services – but most people are understandably confused and concerned.

In many ways life in Ontario – and the world over – is ‘on pause’ right now. However, for those who need to buy or sell a home right now life must, hopefully go on, as must their real estate transactions.

While we can’t speak for others, we can tell you what Team Pinto is doing right now (at the time of writing) to prioritize and protect the health and well being of our clients, agents, and communities. While we are continuing to provide the high standards of service our buyer, seller, have come to expect from us, we are enforcing new rules and guidelines that prioritize virtual, technology-driven interactions.

Virtual Property Tours and Digital Operations

At Team Pinto we have long been invested in harnessing the power of high quality, informative property videos. We’ve even won awards for them. But right now we are taking that a step further.

As a team, Aron’s decade long year career with RIM/Blackberry is proving even more helpful than usual as technology has been a huge part of his life since university. So we are making the most of what technology has to offer.

We are, when possible, conducting client meetings virtually, whether that’s speaking with you to learn more about your real estate goals, or to organize virtual tours of properties.

As a team we have already been working remotely for some time, and working hard to make our operations are paperless – including listing paperwork, offers, sale agreements, and more. And as parents of two small boys we are monitoring our own health and outside interactions with a very high level of caution.

Standards for In-Person Property Tours

We do understand that in-person tours cannot really be replaced by virtual tours – which we can offer – and are still – at this time – conducting carefully arranged in person tours of listings when the sellers are in agreement. We have made the decision to suspend open houses at this time.

Showings are not attended by anyone exhibiting cold or flu symptoms, or those who have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days. We avoid close physical contact with each other – no handshakes, and we keep at least six feet away from each other. We are working equipped with hand sanitizer and/or gloves for everyone for every visit and doorknobs, cabinets, and countertops that our clients contact are sanitized before and after our property visits. We are also not showing or entering small or confined spaces – crawl spaces etc. at this time.

Staying Up-to-Date on Real Estate Market Trends

If real estate is on your mind, our real estate blog here is updated through the week and will cover how changing market activity or new policies and programs may impact you. And for those who prefer to put their spring home buying plans on pause for now we are still available via phone, email or text to answer your questions and help you make advanced plans, so that when things do begin to return to normal you will be ahead of the game and ready to compete with all the other buyers and sellers who will be reentering the market at the same time.

And friends, most of all, stay safe. One of the best things about the Waterloo Region area is the great sense of community you find throughout the region, so, as we are all in this together we want nothing but the best for you and your families.



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