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Waterloo Region News Roundup – KW Google Creates New Game Controller, Bendy Buses are Coming t

Ours is a busy area, so busy it’s easy to miss some great local happenings. Just in case you did, here’s our look at some of the biggest news to come out of the Waterloo Region over this past week

Kitchener Waterloo Google Office Contributes to New Stadia Gaming Project

This week Google announced its entry into the competitive – but very lucrative – gaming marketing with the announcement of the launch of Stadia, a streaming game system that the company hopes will challenge the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

One of the features of Stadia showcased at the launch announcement was a special Wifi controller, and that controller was developed by the team located right here in KW. Read More

Fourth Night Approved for Kitchener’s Ever After Music Festival

The Ever After Music Festival, which, for anyone who doesn’t know, is an prominent electronic music festival held annually at the Bingemans Resort in Kitchener, will run for an extra day this year after the City Council approved a noise exemption that will allow the festival to begin on Thursday this year. However, things will have to quieten down after 9pm, as it is, as the council noted, still a school night. Read More

New ‘Bendy Buses’ Coming to Waterloo Region

According to Grand River Transit bus ridership in the Waterloo Region has increased significantly since 2000, and as many know these days some routes can get pretty crowded, especially the routes along University Avenue and Fischer-Hallman Road. However relief is coming, as articulated buses – also known as Bendy Buses – are coming to the area to help accommodate more riders in greater comfort. Read More

Waterloo St Patrick’s Day Party Sets New Record

30,000 people attended the St. Patrick’s Day party held on Ezra Ave this past weekend, breaking a local record for the number of people, mainly, in this case young people to ever attend, with some coming from as far away as Texas, USA. Read More



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