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Waterloo Region News Roundup – River Road Extension Proceeding, A New Playground for Kiwanis P

$2.8 billion worth of residential real estate sold in Kitchener-Waterloo in 2018

According to reports from the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors even though the local KW Region housing market slowed slightly last year nearly $3 billion in real estate still changed hands. Read More

Kitchener’s Long Delayed River Road Extension To Finally Go Ahead

40 years after the plans were first announced, construction on the River Road Extension in Kitchener is set to begin in 2020. The extension is designed to relieve traffic congestion will create a four-lane, 60 km/hr road that runs 3.6 kilometres from Manitou Drive, uses existing road allowances to skirt around sensitive wetlands and woodlands, then crosses the highway to link up with King Street at River Road. The project has long been delayed due to environmental concerns, but planning officials believe they have now found a way to make the improvements without harming the land it will pass through. Read More

Residents to Vote on New Kiwanis Park Playground

A new playground will be coming to Kitchener’s Kiwanis Park this summer, and residents are being given the chance to vote on just what it will look like. The structure will replace the current playground setup, which is over two decades old, but the question being asked is just what to do people want to see in its place? Read More

Beepbot the Robot Makes His Debut at Guelph Public Library

If you head to the Guelph Public Library any time soon a new member of staff will be waiting to meet you; Beepbot the library robot, who has been sent to help kids learn life skills such as socialization, reading, spelling, math and coding. Read More



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