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What NOT to Do When Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathrooms are very important to homebuyers. And for good reason. The bathroom is, in most homes, the most trafficked room of all, even it is not always the most glamorous.

It’s for this reason that a Waterloo Region homeowner may be advised to remodel their bathroom prior to putting the home on the market, as a bathroom really can make or break a sale.

Not all bathroom remodels cost a fortune and if a bathroom is in less than great shape making it over can offer great ROI at sale time. That is only true, however, if the project is undertaken in the right way.

Here are five very common mistakes homeowners make when renovating a bathroom that should be avoided:

Getting the Spacing Wrong

A lack of spacial awareness when remodeling a bathroom can lead to problems down the road. Just because something technically fits does not mean it will actually be functional.

For example, if you choose to add doors to a shower that was previously open it can make a big positive impact in terms of aesthetic appeal and practicality when the shower is in use. However, if there is no space for the doors to open properly all of that is lost.

That is just one example of the important special considerations that need to go into bathroom design though. Others include providing enough space to comfortably get on and off the toilet, open cabinet doors, ensuring outlets are easily accessible from the bathroom counter and that little details, like ensuring that the toilet paper is within a child’s arm’s reach of the toilet, are taken care of as well.

Going for Cheap Materials

Because the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom are exposed to greater moisture than any others in a home, and tend to be exposed to harsher cleaners as well they need to be as durable as possible. Opting for cheaper materials may save money in the short term but substandard materials are likely to deteriorate much faster.

While this may not really matter to a home seller (they are leaving anyway) savvy homebuyers will notice cheap or shoddy fixtures and, as few homeowners want to begin their lives in their new home dealing with remodels and renovations such things are likely to put them off.

Ignoring Storage Space

No one has ever, to our knowledge, ever complained about having too much storage space in their bathroom. But they certainly get upset and frustrated when there is not enough.

Keep this in mind when redoing your bathroom and add extra storage wherever you can, as it really will add to the sales potential of your home. Floating shelves on the walls, a bathroom cabinet organizer, extra storage built into the bathroom/shower area are all relatively inexpensive tweaks, but they will very likely pay for themselves when selling your home.

Overlooking the Importance of Great Ventilation

Ventilation isn’t a glamorous part of a bathroom renovation, but it is essential. Failing to work in enough ventilation can lead to mould, mildew and other costly problems in the future. And potential home buyers will be well aware of that.

Ideally, bathroom ventilation should come from a mix of natural and artificial sources. A nice big window can go a long way, but it won’t be very helpful during cold winter months, when a homeowner can’t open it for fear of freezing! Make sure to install a quality ventilation fan that can handle the size of the bathroom.

Leaving the Lighting Until Last

Many people think of lighting as a finishing touch to a renovation. While lighting is often installed later in the process, you should plan your lighting fixtures at the beginning of the renovation.

Bathrooms are often where people get ready for the day, which is why lighting is essential. Recessed lighting can create shadows on your face in the mirror, and the last thing you want when trying to sell a bathroom is unflattering lighting.

When drawing up your plans, consider what type of lighting will best accommodate your space and room design. Making adjustments in the planning stages will be much easier than making them at the end of a project.

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