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Why Home Repairs are a Must When Selling a Home – Even if You Don’t Want to Make Them

‘I don’t want to and you can’t make me!’. We’ve all heard a naughty child proclaim this at one time or another and it’s usually when they are being asked to do something that absolutely should be done (finish their dinner, finally go to sleep) but will be (in their eyes) painful to do.

Some homeowners react in a similar way when they are advised that they should be making some repairs and/or upgrades to their Waterloo Region home in order to get it sold, especially if they expect to get as much as they want on the asking price.

It’s understandable in a way, why would you want to put money into a place that you want to sell and further reduce the amount of money you’ll be leaving the closing with. But the fact is that in many cases if they really want to attract the best buyers, get the best possible price and make sure that the sales contract does not fall through before the closing then some biting of the bullet on repair and improvement issues really is called for.

As a home seller, you may be in luck and all you need to fork over for are a few simple fixes; a coat of paint or two, a new front door. But if there are larger issues – a damaged roof, window frames that need repair – the cost of your refusal to deal with them can mean more money lost or spent while waiting for a sale, the possibility of additional home problems cropping up, and months wasted on unsuccessful home selling efforts.

So with all of this in mind here are some basic guidelines and pieces of advice to keep in mind if you find yourself in a situation like this:

Get a Home Inspection Now

Any potential buyer worth their salt will order a home inspection if negotiations on your property get that far and all too often that is when a home seller gets a nasty surprise and discover there is something big enough wrong with their home that a deal may be compromised.

To avoid that order a home inspection yourself when your home is first listed on the market. Yes, it’s an extra expense but what you may discover could save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Everything Really is Important

Buyers often think small problems are telltale signs of bigger ones, even if they seem very insignificant to you. To them, a wobbly doorknob or a sticky cupboard door may indicate they should worry about the way the house has been maintained overall. So make the time to fix everything that needs to be fixed, right down to that leaky tap and slightly wobbly toilet seat.

Shop Around

If you do need to make some larger repairs or upgrades do not let your haste to get your home sold colour your judgment when it comes to hiring contractors. You should still stick to all of the basic rules; get references, get three estimates and check references before making a hiring decision. A few weeks delay may seem annoying when you are trying to get your home sold but it’s far better than damaging the value of your home with bad workmanship.

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