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7 Fabulous Fall Home Staging Tips for Waterloo Region Homesellers

Over recent years a shift in the way that home buyers think and act has meant that while the spring and summer are still great times to sell a Waterloo Region home the autumn – or the fall if you prefer – can also be a great time to do so.

Waterloo Region buyers are actually often rather keen on the idea of house hunting in the autumn, as the weather is still relatively mild and getting out and about to view properties – and then stop somewhere for the obligatory pumpkin spice latte – is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

If your home is on the market for sale in the autumn you should, however, slightly rethink some of your home staging choices, both to reflect the spirit of the season and to boost its overall charm and appeal.

Here are a few ideas for doing just that, none of which are too difficult – or to expensive – to implement in almost any Waterloo Region home for sale that may also provide a wonderfully seasonal decor boost to a home that is not.

Let There be Lots of Light

The days shorten rather quickly in the fall, and so great lighting that highlights all of your home’s best features is more important than ever before, especially as many showings my take place in the early evening after a buyer’s work day is over. Let as much natural light stream in as possible by opening your blinds and drapes, and place plenty of lamps throughout your home for additional soft illumination.

Warm Up the Walls

Whatever time of year you decide to sell your home, a cleansing fresh coat of paint is a great way to revive and revitalize your home’s interior. For fall, consider painting your walls a rich shade of caramel or cream, colours that are still neutral yet warm and inviting and very reflective of the mood of the season.

Put the Emphasis on Cozy Comfort

The autumn is all about feeling cozy and comfortable and your home staging should reflect that vibe. Accentuate your sofas and chairs with throw pillows and plush throws that mimic the jewel colours of the falling leaves and not only will the look be appealing, but it’s likely to encourage potential homebuyers to stick around a little longer during home showings, giving them more time to admire your home and all it has to offer.

Make Use of Seasonal Scents

A general rule when showing a home is to stick to unscented candles – you never want to alienate a potential buyer who has an aversion to a certain scent. However, if you’re showing your home in the fall, you may want to break that rule and light a few autumnal-scented candles. Because smell is so intricately tied to emotion, harnessing the aroma of fall will evoke memories of apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf raking and other family-friendly activities.

Check Your HVAC System's Health

Before you schedule showings, get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system inspected by a professional. Your HVAC system is an expensive piece of equipment that is sold with the home, and if it’s running rough – or not at all – that could turn off potential buyers. You’ll also want to change the air filter on the unit to ensure clean, fresh air is circulating as people are walking through. As a bonus, your system will run more efficiently, saving energy and cutting down on your utility bills.

Add Some Luxury

To further enhance that warm ,welcoming fall feeling try adding a few extra luxe touches to your home staging throughout the whole space. Layering your bed with sumptuous, silky fabrics will further enhance the vibe and these luxurious details don’t have to break the bank. Discount stores offer plenty of inexpensive bedding options that look rather high-end. You can also display plush towels in the bathroom or drape a silky table cloth over your dining room table to enhance the effect even further.

Play Up Seasonal Curb Appeal, But Carefully

A prospective buyer’s first impression of a home is the exterior. Curb appeal is as important as the interior. It’s the first thing that your potential buyers will see. But playing up fall curb appeal effectively can be tricky.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the yard work is done for the year. To make sure your curb appeal stays appealing, you should routinely rake any fallen leaves, keep bushes trimmed and clean the gutters.

Adding fall-hued foliage and flowers to your outdoor landscape will help bring out the natural hues of the season. And by planting flowers that thrive in fall weather, you’ll also prevent droopy or dead flowers from spoiling the aesthetic.

The porch is the perfect spot to make an impression, and subtle hints of autumn can be inviting while adding a bit of seasonal decor.

Hang up a fall wreath on your front door to welcome prospective home buyers. Place a couple of pumpkins on either side of the entry and include a welcome mat to show buyers that they are entering a warm and inviting space.

But if you plan on using fresh pumpkins, gourds or anything else that has a shelf life, keep an eye on it and replace it when it starts to show signs of going bad. A smelly, rotting pumpkin with swarms of flies can be off-putting to potential buyers and may make them wonder if there are other parts of the home you’re not maintaining.

And, finally, think fall, not Halloween, as just because you love creepy decor does not mean that others will.

Home buyers want to picture themselves living in the home they are going to buy. And nothing excludes a buyer more than a home decked out in decorations for a holiday they don’t celebrate. Not only that; many holiday embellishments border on being tacky or even offensive.

This is especially true for Halloween decorations, which could be seen as creepy, gory or just plain gross. Stick to decorating for the season, which is more inclusive, and skip the holiday-specific accents.

Ready to sell your Waterloo Region home? Let Team Pinto show you just what working with an award-winning, innovative real estate team like ours can do for you. Contact us here to discuss your real estate wants and needs and how we can meet - and exceed - them.


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