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5 Signs It’s Time to Move To a New Waterloo Region Home

Selling your Waterloo Region home and moving on to somewhere new can be exciting, but no-one could ever claim it’s easy. But, even if you truly love your current home, sometimes it’s just necessary, especially if any of these five scenarios currently apply to your living situation:

1. Your Home’s About to Burst at the Seams

When you purchased your home it was perfect for you. But now your little family has grown, the kids are getting older and they are not that happy about sharing a bathroom, let alone a bedroom. And if you have to trip over that ever growing pile of gadgets in your living room one more time you are going to scream.

One of the biggest reasons people move is to accommodate their growing and changing families. Kids want space of their own – study space, play space, get away from Mum and Dad space – and the adults are rather keen on that idea too. So, in this situation, as much as you may still love the home you created your family in, it’s probably time to move out, move up and pass your cozy space onto someone else, so that they can begin growing their family too.

2. Your Home’s Got Pretty Quiet

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum. The children aren’t kids anymore and they’ve moved out (almost), leaving you with rooms that you no longer really have any clue what to do with. Media room, home gym, sewing room? Or maybe you should look at downsizing instead, to a space where all of the rooms serve a useful daily purpose and you don’t have to spend half your weekend mowing a lawn that no one’s played on in years and can focus on sipping drinks on an elegant little patio instead.

3. Things are Looking Up

Things are really going rather well at work. You got that promotion or landed a few new clients. You have found yourself spending quite a bit of time looking at all the lovely photos on Houzz and Pinterest and drooling involuntarily over kitchens with dual ovens and master baths with enclosed steam showers. Now that it’s within your reach, it might be time to start looking for the upgraded house of your dreams.

4. You are Sick of Commuting

Do you find lately that you seem to spend more time commuting from your home to work and back than you do actually living in and enjoying it? Do you envy your workmates who can pop home for lunch because, well, they can, because it’s that close?

Moving to be closer to work is a big consideration for some when it comes to selling. If the long-term prospects at your job look good, living nearer to it, and getting to actually enjoy more of your time away from the office, can be a great reason to pack up and move on.

5. You Want a Good Return on Your Investment

Is it time for a little payback? After years of paying your mortgage and keeping up your home’s condition, you have almost certainly built up equity. And you’ve heard the housing market in your area is considered pretty hot right now.

If you find yourself with a little too much house, as in point 2, another reason to sell up may be that by moving into a smaller home will also let you put that extra equity to work for you in other ways, like saving for a more comfortable retirement or finally taking that big vacation you’ve been daydreaming about for all these years.



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