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5 Simple Waterloo Region Home Improvements to Beat the Winter Blues

For many of us, winter can be a trying time of year, especially once the holiday cheer has faded. The days are short and gloomy. The weather is chilly. Lots of our favorite pursuits are stalled until spring returns. And it's at this time that many of us start to feel the effects of the winter blues.

However, there is some good news. You can easily transform your space into a nicer and cozier place to be by planning a few easy home improvements. Sprucing up your home is a good idea in any season, but certain projects are especially good for boosting your mood at this time of year.

So, if you're suffering from the winter blues, consider these home renovation tasks to help you get out of it, no matter how short and gloomy the days are or how cold it gets.

Re-paint your living areas

A fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive way to change things up. Take a leaf from psychology and surround yourself with colors that help you relax and boost happiness during this time when many of us need a mental boost.

Warm colors bring comfort and can be energizing, while cool colors have a relaxing effect. By reflecting light, white can serve to brighten a room. It might help you feel more invigorated by making a tiny place feel larger and more open.

You could even try out some of the Colors of the Year that various paint companies are debuting right now.

Sherwin Williams chose 'Evergreen Fog' as their Color of the Year for 2022, and while it's a neutral, it's not as drab or boring as a standard beige:

Dulux Paints chose an even lighter, and perhaps happier colour, Bright Skies, a subtle blue that would be great for livening up a home office. They even launched a special app that allows you to 'try out' the colour in your own home (virtually of course) before you commit to buying all those cans of paint!

And then of course there's the biggie, Pantone's Colour of the Year 2022 choice, a bluish purple called Very Peri that would make an excellent accent wall choice if you want to add some brighter energy into a space.

Replace the lighting in your home.

What better way to lift your mood this winter than with the appropriate lighting? It's also a simple and inexpensive way to make your home a more inviting place to spend time.

Instead of sticking with the fixtures that came with your house when you bought it, take advantage of the winter doldrums to try this simple home makeover. Light fixtures are inexpensive and can easily be fitted without the assistance of a professional. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you recycle your holiday string lights or invest in a daylight lamp. Even simply replacing any harsh white bulbs with energizing, sunshine mimicking daylight bulbs will radically improve the mood in your home.

Add a sound system to the room.

Nothing beats a terrific tune for quickly uplifting your mood. Playing some of your favorite music at home can help you get over winter blues. When you're listening to music through tiny laptop speakers, its effect is a little less powerful. Invest in a home sound system if you want to truly immerse yourself in the sound of your favorite songs.

It's simple to set up a surround sound system or a sound system that plays in multiple rooms. Modern technology enables for simple Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring that your home is ready for fun without the need for a costly or time-consuming hardwired set-up.

Add some greenery.

Plants are incredible natural gifts. Live plants can improve your attitude, productivity, concentration, and creativity at work and at home. Plants exist in a variety of sizes and forms, ranging from tiny succulents to big potted plants, making greenery a practical and adaptable alternative for anyone. Flowers, Greek plants like ferns, and even herbs can be used to add color and liveliness to any area.

Potted trees can be a fantastic addition and one of the simplest home upgrades you can make if you have a large living area. Plants are easily available from local nurseries and mail order services across the country, making it simple to add a vibrant living focus piece to any room.

Create a cozy winter haven in your bedroom.

There's nothing like a warm, inviting space to retreat to on a chilly winter day. Your bedroom can be a haven of serenity from the moment you step in, thanks to everything from fluffy blankets and bedding to essential oils and warm, ambient lighting. Warmth can be provided by flannel bedding, while comfort can be provided by a velvety rug to bury your toes into.

It may seem difficult to get through another winter, but a few easy home modifications can be just what you need to turn a winter scowl upside down. There's plenty you can do this season to boost your happiness and transform your home from drab to gorgeous, and even the physical effort you put in while doing so will boost your serotonin levels and help you feel brighter and more energized!

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